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    Default Pet Pics

    Our pets are one of our favorite topics on let's see em!!


    puppy smooches.jpg

    my babies.jpg
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    I miss my dog... The two in the background belong to a friend of mine. The one up front is Sly, he died in July, 2010. <sadface>


    <same picture, just inserted different ways>

    In memory of Ken "Zzentar" Dumas.


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    Alafaya, they're cute dogs! Your mastiff scares me though! I can only imagine your daily walks with them!

    Gib: Awwwwww. I'm sorry for your loss. He looks like a real lovebug.

    Anyway, my contributions!

    My stepdad had decided we needed a guard dog for our house since there were some burglary scares recently. He spoke to a friend who told him about a rescued dog staying at the vet's, so he agreed to get the dog. The day before we were to pick up the dog, I asked if it was a boy or a girl, what kind of breed? Fierce? Large? He had no idea.

    This was our "guard dog"

    We were clueless, first-time pet owners and she is really good at twisting us around her paw:

    I tried to get her to participate in cutesy photos with props, like below, but it was hard work and any time I would crouch down on the floor, she would take it as a signal to lick my face (not a good thing when I'm allergic):

    She more or less fulfilled her purpose though. Kind of. Somewhat. Also, she was supposed to be an outside dog, but...

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    Oh wow, she's gorgeous, Sarika. Alafaya, your first doggie has some monstrous ears. I assume it's growing into them.
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    We have a zoo

    On a side note... why are my pictures always small... What am I doing wrong?

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    We have a zoo

    On a side note... why are my pictures always small... What am I doing wrong?
    WOW! So many animals Are you in the vet line or anything?

    Gorgeous black dogs. Your cats are chilling. That is adorbs. Sorry I don't like birds...but it looks pretty.

    The bigger images are because we linked them from a photo site. If you attach them, then it becomes like what you have.

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    Nope... no vets or anything... just both animal people. They keep us busy :-) I left out pictures of my two aquariums too.

    Thanks for the tip about the photo site.
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    Allereli, the cuuuuuuuuteness! I wanted to get a little doggy bed for mine too, but it's a pain to clean.

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    This is my boy Charlie Manson. I can't have pets at my place and my ex-gf got custody of him after the break up. I really miss him... I wish I could see him.

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