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Thread: +20 Wand Holding Staff

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    - a tall and slender kakore runestaff
    - wand holding staff
    - +20
    - 3 pounds

    Put a wand in your staff, then wave your staff to cast the spell. These free up your left hand.
    Works with wands or rods.

    CB: 600k to Merala!
    BO: Make an offer

    >look at my staff
    The tall and slender kakore runestaff is capped with an apparatus of two interlocked rings and three triangular segments that come together at a sharp angle. The springs appear to be in a flawless and undamaged state. The tip is currently empty, revealing a deep recess in the center of the scepter.
    Can be unlocked, altered or lightened.

    Contact me with questions.
    Thank you!
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    how come the staff is kakore and the look is grey ironwood?
    PB: One day you'll need this number (800) 273-TALK.

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    I bought the grey scepter. If you're selling another, I'll go MB.

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    Sorry, updating description.

    600k to Merala!

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    Twice. Will sell tonight.

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