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Thread: Veil Iron Warmask, Lor Runestaff, and More!

  1. Default Veil Iron Warmask, Lor Runestaff, and More!

    Flat prices, buy it all or I'll burn it. Pickup in the Landing!

    a mail mesh bag of scrap metal - +17, HDW, 7 lbs, war hammer base SOLD!

    an intricate veil iron beard clip shaped like a stylized ruby flame - pin worn (if you have a beard!) 500k

    some robust full plate inset with chips of raw gems and ores - 4x, 53 lbs, small races only 350k

    a full suit of invar platemail etched with ancient dwarven runes - +2, SWDP, standard full plate weight 250k

    a convex ora round shield - 4x 2-slot fusion large shield, 10 lbs 250k

    an invar-edged veil iron flamberge - 5x, 12 lbs 200k

    a supple shadow grey wand harness - weighs 2, MA, shoulder worn 50k
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    dwarven sized hauberk 200k
    black lor runestaff 500k also
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    a blackwood scroll case -50k

    some heavy mud-caked boots - VSA (2 items), 2 lbs 50k

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