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If applying the "big picture" side of things, it seems Mr. Wednesday is pulling as many strings as he can to NOT impede on Shadow's free will. It was a very drawn out scenario for that, but I saw season one setting up "sides" and fleshing out the players all the while having things to make Shadow believe, whereas season two Wednesday spent half the season just setting up ways for Shadow to unleash his power. I liked Mad Sweeney, but they spent about 1 1/2 episodes too much focusing on him only to Ned Stark his ass.
I can definitely appreciate them taking the time to set things up properly, but other than the diner scene, I felt like most of this season was just continuing to "set things up", instead of allowing it to come to a complete boil for once. And I'm definitely a Pablo Schreiber fan. He was awesome in 13 hours. And yeah, that was definitely a slow draw for him just to end like that (although his exit scene was badass!). I'm hoping that the fact that Laura walked away with him means it's not his ultimate end.