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Thread: Couple new characters

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    so what do you still have for sale?
    I'm interested in the Halfling wizard and perhaps the ranger
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    Given this was a scam from 5 years ago, I doubt anything is available for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen View Post
    So I wasn't sure where to post this but I figured this thread would be best.

    First thing I want to say is that I'm disgusted with the way I handled things 5 years ago and I'm so far from being that person now it's nothing less than amazing. I'm sincerely sorry to the people who were affected by my actions and I'll offer a brief explanation with not much detail. I'm sure it was public knowledge that it was drugs, heroin to be exact, something I battled for years. I'm 3 1/2 yrs clean and have accomplished more in that time than I did in the previous 28 years I've been here.

    I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad for me, I just wanted to come here and own it. I also know that I have no excuses for my actions, I was a complete scumbag and wish I can take back what I did. I also wish I could say I had all the cash right now to pay back every person that I scammed but that's not the case. What I am promising is that if you were one of those people, contact me and I'll begin the process of paying you back. I haven't played this game since 2011 and to be honest, I forgot that I did this until just a few days ago.
    I bought $100,000 worth of silver from you and never got it.

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    Oh my old friend meth! Erolus is glad to hear your well man!
    No no, he said heroin!
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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman. I'm diagnosed with cancer. I'm a human being.
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    So here's the deal- I am just horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    I bought $100,000 worth of silver from you and never got it.
    I'm so sorry! What is your PayPal address? I'll send money right away!
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