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Thread: Couple new characters

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    Default Couple new characters

    Selling a few characters for a friend, this acct with the characters have been closed for a long time so they are definitely unknown and being that they are closed I cannot get the exact info but I know the stat placement on them is decent as he set stats for max at cap 90% of the time and they all have fixskills, nothing special as far as gear. They are all in COL except the warrior whom is in Voln. Priced cheap to move quickly. Paypal only. PM or IM me at Allen1Collins

    LVL 83 giant cleric - $225

    LVL 78 elf bard - $200

    LVL 62 halfling wizard - $200

    LVL 56 human ranger - $125

    LVL 55 elf warrior - $125

    LVL 24 giant cleric - $40
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    I'll grab the 78 bard if not already sold. Thanks.

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    I'll PM you.
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    I know you're busy, but it would be good to hear back from ya when you can.
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    I understand you have a lot going on, man, I do. AND I respect that.

    I also understand that RL takes top priority for you as well as me over GS and all the stuff here in this post.

    There's one crossover here that can't be ignored, however. You, me and our GS life crossed that thread into RL when I sent you cash. THAT affects my RL. I'm certain you understand this point.

    Since Thursday when I sent you payment, I've PM'd you. I've IM'd you on AIM. And I've received not ONE response from YOU. And I gotta say I'm a little concerned here.

    I've spoken with some of the other folks that have done business with you in the last 7 or 8 days. Some are very worried they won't be seeing their coins/cash or products purchased because they haven't heard from you either.

    What really bothers me though, is that ONE person said you spoke with them multiple times in the last 3 days, AND delivered to them today. Still no IM, PM or IG ;chat to me, though.

    I get it if you are having some sort of difficulties, but in the VERY least you can RESPOND to me either here, PM or on AIM and let me know what is going on. Even if it is to tell me, you are working on the getting me what I purchased OR that you won't be able to deliver and are working on repaying me. I don't care which it is.

    At this point, I just don't feel good about NOT hearing from you.

    I REALLY hope you are terribly busy and can't get to all your transactions in one day, that would alleviate not just me, but the others that feel the same way I do.

    Please follow up with us and keep us in the loop.

    Thanks Allen.
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    Oh that makes me sad if he's been responding to others in the last few days. I actually considered him my friend and expressed interest in these sales...and he still owes me a good deal of money from a few months ago. I was hoping he was OK and was a bit worried about what all was going on in his home life. Now I'm very concerned.

    Please let me know if you make contact with him.

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    I am also concerned, as last contact was on the 6th and the instant responses prior to payment on the 6th. Now I wonder when and even worse...if I am going to acquire the character paid for.

    Please contact us at least with a small update here to keep in good faith.

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    His profile says he was active today.

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    In other words, he's avoiding the situation?

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    In same boat here. Paid the warrior and got zip.
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