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Thread: Artisan Faire Bowstrings

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    Default Artisan Faire Bowstrings

    I've been trying everything. Does anyone remember how to attach these?
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    They were from Saelins exotic wares in 2003
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    This might not matter to you but I had a GM turn me down for an alter on a bow with one of these on it because he said the bowstring was too complex of a script. Does it even do anything? As far as I can tell all it does is add "It is strung with a so and so bowstring" when you look at it.
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    Did anyone ever get an answer to how to put these on a bow?

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    measure my bow
    You size up the length of your recurved bow and compare it with your bowstring. Working carefully, you unstring your recurved bow and then restring it with a puma tendon bowstring.

    And there was much rejoicing!!

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    Can you remove the bowstring after you add it?

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    Doesn't appear so, but I have read in a few threads that it is permanent. Also, couldn't add them to my Fusion Bow.

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