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Thread: Stories we should know

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    Very interesting.

    I enjoy history, so here is my pick.
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    The other Holocaust. Ottomans were brutal. If you chunk in the Greeks and Assyrians, they were just as bad as the Germans and Russians. It also interesting to note that the Kurds partook in the killings during this genocide.
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    Crick told a fellow scientist that he often used small doses of LSD then an experimental drug used in psychotherapy to boost his powers of thought. He said it was LSD, not the Eagle's warm beer, that helped him to unravel the structure of DNA. The biological secret of life's discovery won him the Nobel Prize.
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    That's crazy, though confusing how he posts everything. Didn't fully finish it yet. From what it seems like... Seeing as he "stopped posting pictures" of whatever he found, I'm guessing we are never going to know. What a shame.
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    Pennsylvania city that has been on fire since 1962

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    Some good stuff so far.

    Where did the planets' names come from?

    That's right, Uranus (father of Saturn as Saturn is the father of Jupiter) was named due to a completely mistaken etymology. Whoopsy daisy!


    What did the Greeks call the planets before they got knowledge from the Sumerians, though?

    The redness of what we call Mars was originally defined by the Greeks as not bloody war but the inflammation of sexy passion. Oh, those Greeks! What would our image of Martians be like if that had taken hold rather than the Sumerian Great Bull of Heaven? I reckon more Dejah Thoris, less little green men with lasers.

    Who was the guy who decided to go with war over passion? Some nerd with an astrolabe decided to, and that influence is felt today by billions of people. Isn't that staggering?
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    Great American streetcar scandal;

    Voynich manuscript;

    Wikimedia Commons has a complete photo-series of all the surviving Voynich manuscript pages in numerical order;

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