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Thread: Rescue / raise service on Teras

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    This is working great currently, as are my deathrecover and whatnot which are enabling me to be available for Teras rescues nearly 24 hours a day. If you'd like to tip runestaves for the raise / rescue service, just drop em on the Adventurer's rest deck and I'll pick em up after each hunt.
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    Make sure you keep your group open when you die. Group_ajar on the repo will do that for you.
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    This has been working fairly nicely for years.

    Other than that, it's a nice time of year to die on Teras. Come join us.
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    Edit: No chrisms
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    I'm bored, so...


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    I'd keep a specific list of people allowed to use the raise service. Opening it for everyone is nice and all until some dork decides it would be funny to keep running you out to random places via lnet chat and killing you when you show up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhaalizmo View Post
    I'm bored, so...


    Holy fap Batman!
    Make Shattered a $5 stand-alone subscription!

    [Shattered]-GSF:Wiggles: "How come all the groups that make enemies with Ifor end up quitting Shattered once he decides to eliminate them? I'm not saying he's a secret GM, but if he was a secret GM...."

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    No more chrisms for awhile, sorry all. On the upside, I'll still rescue / raise which is better than a decay, so... peace out.
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    I'm dealing with some hardware trouble on my gemstone PC so I'm not able to stay in game long this week. Sorry guys. Working to get it fixt.

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    So... Michaelous moved to Teras and is now my deathbot. In honor of that...

    O look, ass

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