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Thread: When Someone Fabricates Stories About You...

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    I re-read the post while listening to the long form version of the Guile theme. Pure awesome.

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    I almost thought this was a late april fools, but theres too much actual angst.

    Thread of the year came early this year.

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    Hill - Fucking - Larious
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    I'm a douchebag.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drisco View Post
    I am a le doche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckwheet View Post
    Had to read it through a second time and relay the content across the interwebz.

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Methais again. Someone else should do it.
    got him for you... and me... and well pretty much everyone cause theres a lot of win in this thread.

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    I think you should reconsider your actions.
    Hasta pronto, porque la vida no termina aqui...
    America, stop pushing. I know what I'm doing.

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    Seriously, all we need now is a picture to post on bodybuilding asking for photoshops.
    Have a good merchant experience with me?
    Leave me some HEAT

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    There are no words except perhaps, "Hahahahaha..."

    High five, Methais.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnticorRifling View Post
    Please note I left my computer on and my weiner dogs have been moderating these forums.

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    Methais...I love you, man. DO NOT PAY FOR THE PUSSY!

    AndroidPK should clean that coochie up nicely seeing as how he's a big fucking douche.
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    i love these forums

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    Woooooooooow. Somebody will do ANYTHING for their girlfriend, especially if it's to make another look bad. Truth of the matter is this. If I felt the need to tell the entire world my personal life, I would. If I felt the need to tell the entire world that someone, who wanted me so terribly, was not the type of man I could see myself with or want, then I would.
    I'm sorry Methais that you felt the need to make this thread. You are pretty much a troll and doing something like this to someone who actually cared about you at one time, proves it.
    You left out a whole lot of crazy on your part. The main reason why I stopped talking to you completely as well as the reason I wanted nothing to do with you in real life.
    Yes, I met Khastle about 3 years ago. We were both very close, single parents and it seemed like a great idea at the time. It didn't work out. That happens when people meet and date. Sometimes there is no connection. It doesn't make him a bad person, or myself for that matter...but it is what it is.
    Your jealousy for PK is retarded. The reason you made this thread again, I'm sure. PK and I had a relationship, a real one. Nothing that you and I ever had. Nothing that I'd ever want or consider having with someone like you. I never EVER wanted to make you out to be a bad person Methais, nor have I talked about you to anyone other than PK. Especially nothing bad, since that is not the type of person I am...but now...consider it on.
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    I would let you break my heart and write you tons of really sappy private messages but I would probably not start a thread for all my QQ. ~ Your SuperSecret, Somewhat Public Admirerer RojoDisco

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