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Thread: When Someone Fabricates Stories About You...

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    Its the workplace rule. Dont fuck your buddy. But it applies to any situation where you would like to maintain consistent platonic communication with a group of people. This applies to the PC!

    ARGH. was responding to WB. This thread is flying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warriorbird View Post
    Their snarky nature is one of the reasons I love women.

    I think there's some sort of lesson about online relationships and not quite exes here for all parties (Gizmo included) but I'm not sure I can quite articulate it.
    I think it's like some pre-ordained path for every human being to walk thru in life now at least once, given the fact the internet is such a huge and crucial part of our every day life in more than just social aspects.

    In a sense, I think the internet ruined any sort of actual old, normal human interaction...But then we also have shit like texting etc....Double edged sword as I see it. Convenient, safe etc...But on the other end it's dangerous, a meat market, and quick to switch

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    I dunno, I like both Rucca and Methais. But I will say am I fucking glad Betheny didn't go all apeshit like Methais did, and then Rucca in retalitation.
    Click the link above to see how much you owe the government.

    "Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."
    -Superracist, Joe Biden

    ďIf you donít believe in free speech for people who you disagree with, and even hate for what they stand for, then you donít believe in free speech.Ē
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    Quoted and shit

    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    I won't deny any of those walls of text. I won't deny one bit that I ramble and can get dramatic when I'm writing when I drink, and then I ramble on some more and some more, regardless of whether I mean what I'm saying, if it's in response to equally gushy shit you told me, or if I'm just laying it on thick and trying to cover my own tracks and/or trying to do some damage control without you or her finding out. I am indeed ashamed of my actions. Not for you though, but for the woman I shouldn't have let myself stray from to begin with. I'll always feel terrible about that. She has been nothing but good and kind to me the whole time we've been together, and I let the allure of a succubus (whose tits I saw before her face even) combined with the rebound off of a bad breakup cause me to lose my way instead of fixing things with my gf like I should have done.

    Fact of the matter is, this has nothing to do with being jealous of PK or anything like that. I don't know him and have no beef with him at all, and it's not like I haven't sampled the goods anyway. It's the fact that you made shit up to him and whoever else about me because you didn't want him to know what had really happened, which I'm sure is no different than the stories you've told me about your past guys. I've heard several accounts from you about "So and so wanted to hook up IRL but I said no and then he went crazy and he's all unstable and stuff!" And obviously PK talked, because I sure didn't hear about your stories about me from him. It's funny how any time I would bring up telling someone about us outside of the game, like when I casually told a good friend of mine from in game about your visit, you would seriously go fucking crazy as if I had just ran over your dog and then ate it in front of you.

    Let's go down in a little more detail, albeit a shorter version:

    I did find myself very infatuated with you for a while, just as you were with me. And yes I did fall hard for you at the time, or maybe I just rebounded hard after me and my gf splitting up after 3 years, who knows. You were no different, telling me shit like, "Will I ever get to be Rico Sauve (yes that's an Anticor edit) one day?" for example. Only difference is you kept logs and I didn't.

    You were also the one that originally brought up moving here. I even responded to the effect of if that happened, it would have to be at least two years away, as I was planning on starting up school in mid-July at the time and wanted to finish that first. To which you replied that it would have to be sooner than that because you didn't want to have to move your daughter anywhere once she started high school. So we talked about this upcoming summer after this school year was out. Then YOU (not me, you) said you wanted to bump it up to December 2010. It was only after the drama when my ex showed up while you were here that you said December was too soon, blah blah.

    The part of me "begging" you to move to LA, no, not exactly. Moving here was YOUR idea originally as I mentioned above. What you posted was well after that, when your NYC gig came into play. Even then, you continued to tell me that even though you were still torn on NYC or here, you were still leaning heavily towards coming here.

    But make no mistake, you initiated taking things beyond in-game, you initiated the idea of moving here, you said "I love you" first , you said two years wasn't soon enough, you said this summer and then you wanted to bump that up to December 2010.

    Unlike you, I won't be full of shit and deny any of the things I wrote. Most of it was really just me laying it on thick though to be honest, be it for damage control reasons or persuasion purposes. If you think you're going to embarrass me, go for it. I'm not embarrassed by anything I wrote. I am only embarrassed and ashamed for deceiving my girlfriend for so long.

    Making shit up about someone doesn't result in them getting jealous btw, but nice try playing that card. As for those weird PMs you first quoted, consider it me trying to sweep things under the carpet while trying to give off the impression to my gf that I wasn't.

    Isn't that convenient, considering how she said plenty of times she "couldn't wait" to move here and viewed me like a "dad" to her and how you "knew" I would be "so great" for you both, and that the drama with my gf is what made you want to "back out", not me being so-called "unstable", which is what you say about everybody btw, and I'm sure you'll say it about PK one day too. I just tried to convince you otherwise when the shit hit the fan with the drama, and I laid it on pretty thick in the process.

    The fact is, my only problem with you was the fabricated bullshit you were telling people about me, all "He kept inviting himself to come visit and I said I just wanted to keep things in-game, and he went crazy!" which you can't deny anymore.

    Therefore, mission accomplished. If anyone is unstable though, it's you. Stable people don't cry IRL day after day after day over negative rep someone left them. Stable people don't get all upset IRL because someone (in this case, Hedensk) posted a boob shot "to steal my attention" after you posted your minor cleavage shot back whenever that was. Stable people don't go all randomly emo for several days at a time like you would for literally no reason. Just to name a few things.

    So either way, post whatever you want and throw out the cheesiest sounding things I wrote. I fully expected it before I posted, and it won't bother me one bit. After reading it again just now, I think it was pretty slick writing actually.

    The cat is out of the bag with you and your bullshit ways, and that's all I came here for. Whatever happens after that, happens, and I won't be concerning myself with it. I did what I came here to do.

    Incorrect. You replied to them all, just only one of them was on FB, and it was mostly about how you were randomly depressed again or some shit.

    This is what you are failing to understand. I have moved on, and I've been moved on for quite a while now and have been quite content with things. The thought of you hadn't even entered my mind in a pretty long time, until someone IMed me recently and informed me of all the bullshit you were saying about me. That's when I decided to make this post. Other than that, you are nothing but a memory of a big mistake. I should have known better when I saw your tits before I saw your face, but I digress. Call me unstable or whatever all you want. You were quite the weirdo yourself. You would go on for hours/days at a time about Gracy, but you yourself aren't all that much different from her.

    That should pretty much cover it. And you're welcome PC, for spicing up your day. It looks like things have been pretty boring around here lately.

    The real moral of this thread is:

    If you see a chick's tits before you see her face and she wants to hook up with you, chances are she's got issues.
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    Please note I left my computer on and my weiner dogs have been moderating these forums.

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    Thanks Rob.
    Quote Originally Posted by RojoDisco View Post
    I would let you break my heart and write you tons of really sappy private messages but I would probably not start a thread for all my QQ. ~ Your SuperSecret, Somewhat Public Admirerer RojoDisco

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    If you see a chick's tits before you see her face and she wants to hook up with you, chances are she's got issues.
    This space for rent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rucca View Post
    No, basically it was this. I'm the type of person who gives everyone a chance. I gave him one. He blew it with all of the drama between him and his ex gf.

    For the ones calling me a whore now, I'm far from. In fact, I probably have dated far less than most of you. Since my divorce 6 years ago, I have dated 6 times. Out of those 6 men, I met 3 here. Mistake? Maybe just with one. Methais. I don't see the harm with meeting people through PC or the internet. In fact, I'm definitely not the only one who has done so.
    Now everyone knows a bit of my personal life. I hope it was good for you, because it wasn't for me.
    Call it over sharing..dated one woman. Married her. So eat that sucker.

    2 cents and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppa Hobbit Mage View Post
    I dunno, I like both Rucca and Methais. But I will say am I fucking glad Betheny didn't go all apeshit like Methais did, and then Rucca in retalitation.
    Everything she told me about you I figured was angry break up shit and not worth repeating.

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    Methais, obviously calling someone who you once claimed to love a skank is not mature adult behavior. I'm not sure how that proves that you are the mentally stable person here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RojoDisco View Post
    Its the workplace rule. Dont fuck your buddy. But it applies to any situation where you would like to maintain consistent platonic communication with a group of people. This applies to the PC!

    ARGH. was responding to WB. This thread is flying.
    I caught it. No worries. I'll make the occasional exception for you. Quoting rules. Workplace rules. American exceptionalism!
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