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Thread: What good books have you read lately?

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    Finished reaper last night, I liked it a lot, probably one of my favorites along with wintersteel and ghostwater

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    Just finished my Reaper re-read yesterday and I have some thoughts on it and the series, but I'll try to stay spoiler free. I tried the Australian thing for the first time on this book and blew through the first read because I was so excited for it, but took my time on the re-read to soak it in some more because it was pretty hectic in terms of the pace. Sidenote, if you're gonna do the Australian early pre-order thing, I definitely recommend making a second account for it and don't risk getting your main Amazon account banned as happened to a number of people, according to r/Iteration110Cradle.

    First of all I really, really liked Reaper. It had so many great scenes and moments, and to me it felt like the meatier 2nd half of another 2-parter (after Bloodline's part 1), similar to how Uncrowned and Wintersteel worked out. We really got a sense of how powerful the gang is and how important they are to the Monarch factions and the overall power balance which I found satisfying, as well as some better moments with Lindon's family after the bittersweet return in Bloodline. It was nice to get some slice of life stuff in the beginning before everything really started sprinting, since we don't get a lot of that normally.

    Once the pace picked up, I thought the fights were very tense and exciting and the whole back half of the book just goes and goes, very hard to put it down. The ending was something that many fans had speculated on, and I'd read the theories before but I never took it seriously at all. Despite that, I thought it was well done and made sense, especially after reading a lot of posts on the subreddit pointing out little tidbits that have long been in place but now have a lot more or a different meaning in their new context.

    Personally, I really enjoyed how Reaper solidified what the gang's end goal finally is. WW has always said he's going for about 12 books, but it wasn't clear exactly what we were going for besides ascending. The crew now has a very firm goal, fueled by the hungry one himself, and I can't wait for the rest of the series. I've got a guess that it might go to 13 (or even 14) books since 2 more books for the gang's plan seems like a stretch, but if they're a couple of thicc bois like Wintersteel, then maybe 12 could work, we'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Viekn View Post
    He needs to slow down. The pace of Reaper was fairly balanced up until the point they enter the labyrinth. Once that happens, it's pretty much non-stop action until the end. There's no need for that. Instead of cranking out books one after the other, I'd like to see him take longer and write some longer books that balance out the pace of each book. I don't need them to be epic reads like GoT, but something a bit longer and more developed than what he does now would be nice.
    I wouldn't hold your breath for this. WW has said multiple times before that the tightly-edited, keep it moving and get the books out style is what he enjoys as an author and (I believe) also as a reader, and that he specifically prefers putting out shorter books on a faster timetable vs. a longer book every couple years or something like that. That's just how he do. I agree with you as a huge fan of the series, but I think it's better for WW to enjoy what he's doing instead of agonizing over it, personally.

    Quote Originally Posted by SonoftheNorth View Post
    Finished reaper last night, I liked it a lot, probably one of my favorites along with wintersteel and ghostwater

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    The second book in Fulmen's Guardians of Aster Fall series comes out on Dec 10. You can join me in preordering now if you'd like:
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    Quote Originally Posted by LOL BRIELUS View Post
    Dark matter by Blake crouch. Good easy fast paced read. Will read more of this author
    Blake Crouch's early books kind of suck. There's that trilogy like.. Wayward Pines or whatever that was pretty good. Dark Matter was really good. Recursion I think which is a little newer is also really good. But most of the earlier books of his (available for free on kindle unlimited!) are pretty lackluster. It's interesting to watch a writer grow, but damn, some of those early ones had I read them before Dark Matter.. probably would have not read Dark Matter and Recursion.

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    Just finished John Scalzi's Agent to the Stars. He won't care what I say about this one as he's a helluva successful author at this point. Good for him. I liked the book, but much like other books he writes that aren't Old Man's War, they are fun but kind of childish. Clever but immature. It's a good read. It's just after awhile (this is actually the first novel he worked on), you start to see a pattern that doesn't really grow too much. But man his words flow. This aspect of his writing blows me away.

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    If any Cradle fans are unaware, Will Wight has a Kickstarter going on currently for hardcover/special editions of the first 3 Cradle books that's wildly smashed the goals that were set, going through the 25th of this month, don't miss out!

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    This whole time I thought his name was Will Wright and not Will Wight and had PA's "Will Wright, please pee on us" comic stuck in my head.
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    Shoe Dog was really good if you're into entrepeneurial/businessey stuff.
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