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    I am hoping to either get people to post the loresongs of different items.. with the item description itself.. or to let my bard, Japhrimel, loresing to it himself. Either one works for me. I have a few pretty nice loresongs saved such as a ring that creates shadowy full leathers, a pure coraesine falchion, a bloodsoul vultite falchion, some bow that does something or other and is nice, a massive stone mattock, and sand elementals. Any interest?

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    you should sing to the kroderine plate
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    if I can get my hands on it for a few minutes, I will. I'd love to sing to Nordred's gauntlet, too, even though it will kill me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WRoss View Post
    you should sing to the kroderine plate
    Quote Originally Posted by shad0ws0ngs View Post
    if I can get my hands on it for a few minutes, I will. I'd love to sing to Nordred's gauntlet, too, even though it will kill me.
    One of the sets is snug in my locker. But I'll save you the trouble. You won't get anything out of it other than it eating all of your mana and being in general awful.

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    It'd be nice to have a compendium of this stuff. Some of it is already on Krakii.

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    For a massive stone mattock:

    Suddenly the ground beneath you trembles and shakes and you lose your footing and fall to the ground.

    Rising out of the ground before you, there and yet, not there, an ernormous female stone giant. She looks at you sadly as she plunges her hands into the earth and pulls out a giant boulder which separates into twin stone giantlings. She drops the two giantlings and moments later they start to grow into full-sized stone giants as they orbit around the mother. Suddenly, one twin breaks from the orbit and crashes into the mother, driving her into the earth, while the other twin can do naught but watch in horror. Soon the murderous twin turns his attention to the other twin, who flees into the ground. The scene changes and you see the twin who fled standing before you. He draws a glowing sigil in the air, a star inside a circle surrounded by a half-circle. His mouth does not move, yet he speaks all the same, "What was torn asunder must be rejoined, what was buried must be uncovered, I give to you this gift in the battle against the usurper, use it well child of the earth."

    The vision fades and slowly your vision returns to normal.

    Anyone else notice the "an ernormous female stone giant"

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    You can sing to anything I have japh... just remind me.

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    Go to River's Rest and check out their museum. Everything inside there has a loresong and it's a gold mine for a bard. I spent hours there on my first trip.

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    I never saved a log of it but Alisaire had this item that would kill you once you plied through the whole song. Also any Iasha white ora items are pretty good. If you happen to meet Sovine ask if you can sing to his rush lion medallion. It has a good story.
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    I'll do that, thanks. The RR museum was a great source of loresongs. Each room had a few items that bards can handle and get loresongs off of. If anyone wants any of them, let me know.

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