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Thread: Loresongs

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    I am hoping to either get people to post the loresongs of different items.. with the item description itself.. or to let my bard, Japhrimel, loresing to it himself. Either one works for me. I have a few pretty nice loresongs saved such as a ring that creates shadowy full leathers, a pure coraesine falchion, a bloodsoul vultite falchion, some bow that does something or other and is nice, a massive stone mattock, and sand elementals. Any interest?

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    you should sing to the kroderine plate
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    It'd be nice to have a compendium of this stuff. Some of it is already on Krakii.

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    if I can get my hands on it for a few minutes, I will. I'd love to sing to Nordred's gauntlet, too, even though it will kill me.

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    For a massive stone mattock:

    Suddenly the ground beneath you trembles and shakes and you lose your footing and fall to the ground.

    Rising out of the ground before you, there and yet, not there, an ernormous female stone giant. She looks at you sadly as she plunges her hands into the earth and pulls out a giant boulder which separates into twin stone giantlings. She drops the two giantlings and moments later they start to grow into full-sized stone giants as they orbit around the mother. Suddenly, one twin breaks from the orbit and crashes into the mother, driving her into the earth, while the other twin can do naught but watch in horror. Soon the murderous twin turns his attention to the other twin, who flees into the ground. The scene changes and you see the twin who fled standing before you. He draws a glowing sigil in the air, a star inside a circle surrounded by a half-circle. His mouth does not move, yet he speaks all the same, "What was torn asunder must be rejoined, what was buried must be uncovered, I give to you this gift in the battle against the usurper, use it well child of the earth."

    The vision fades and slowly your vision returns to normal.

    Anyone else notice the "an ernormous female stone giant"

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    You can sing to anything I have japh... just remind me.

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    Go to River's Rest and check out their museum. Everything inside there has a loresong and it's a gold mine for a bard. I spent hours there on my first trip.

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    I never saved a log of it but Alisaire had this item that would kill you once you plied through the whole song. Also any Iasha white ora items are pretty good. If you happen to meet Sovine ask if you can sing to his rush lion medallion. It has a good story.
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    I'll do that, thanks. The RR museum was a great source of loresongs. Each room had a few items that bards can handle and get loresongs off of. If anyone wants any of them, let me know.

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    Here is an interesting item. It's a party horn from the current CHE festival. The reason I personally find it interesting is that it has a lore song, yet also provides data. Previously everything I've sung to provided one or the other.

    a silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers.

    >look horn
    The party horn has an ivory mouthpiece, and a dazzling display of silk streamers in various shades of reds, blues, greens, and purples, along with silver and gold, hangs from the end. Each streamer has been embroidered with the name of one of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia in elegant script. The streamers for House of the Rising Phoenix, House of the Argent Aspis, House of the Arcane Masters, House of Paupers, and House Brigatta also bear the number 20. Gold leaf engraving along the body of the horn carries a message.

    You sing in Guildspeak:

    "O party horn that I see,
    Let your value be revealed to me!"

    A silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers in your hand vibrates slightly in response to your song, and soon your vision clouds. You see a small, rough frontier town set at the north end of the Locksmehr River where it empties into Darkstone Bay. You are swept over toward the northeast corner of the town to a stately structure on the western bank of the Locksmehr River guarded by a uniformed doorkeeper. The image of a jade dragon wrapped around a crystal ball rises from the structure and spins in front of you before silvery sparkles momentarily blinds you.

    As the blackness dissipates, you find yourself moving toward a garden on the east bank of the Locksmehr River. A wood-framed manor rests within the garden, and an amphitheater is visible near the manor's entrance. The image of a silver dragon rises from the manor and swoops merrily around the amphitheater before the vision yanks you toward the center of town in a swirl of brilliant white and blue.

    The movement stops, leaving you hovering over a cozy mansion tucked away and guarded by a stout gatekeeper. The image of a sapphire blue-tinted unicorn sporting a silver horn rises from the mansion and gallops toward you, dissipating just as it seems she may run right into you. You exhale slowly in response to the encounter as your vision clouds blue and gold.

    When it clears again, you find yourself near the large square of the frontier town, lingering over the southwest corner. You see a proud mansion gaily decorated, with the sounds of music and raucous laughter pouring out. Suddenly, a streak of gold shoots into the sky and bursts into a shower of sparks that form themselves into three golden chalices. Shouts of appreciation can be heard from the mansion below just as your vision goes crimson with bursts of blinding gold.

    When you can see again, you find yourself near a somber looking temple at the center of the frontier town, hovering outside a grand building. You sense a great urgency emanating from the building, and as you wonder over its meaning, a crimson phoenix leaps into the sky and explodes into brilliant golden flames. Just before your vision clears, you notice a small crimson phoenix on the building's roof where the flames had settled.

    Roundtime: 8 sec.

    As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the party horn in your hand, and you learn something about it...

    This is a small item, under a pound. In your best estimation, it's worth about 5,000 silvers.

    >loresing O party horn that I hold,;Let your purpose now be told!
    ...wait 4 seconds.
    >loresing O party horn that I hold,;Let your purpose now be told!
    You sing in Guildspeak:

    "O party horn that I hold,
    Let your purpose now be told!"

    A silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers in your hand vibrates in response to your song, and soon your vision clouds slightly. You find yourself still hovering over the frontier town, but it appears to have an increased number of buildings and is bustling with a large crowd of all races. Suddenly, everyone stops and gazes up at the sky over Darkstone Bay as a dazzling fireworks show begins, each set of sparkles forming a different image: a silver crescent moon cradling a scarlet owl; a silver lion; a pair of hands clasped in a heart shape outlined in green and silver; a silver-outlined oak tree; a blue and silver claidhmore; a green willow tree; and a silver sword pointed upright with eight purple stars surrounding it. Somewhere off to the distance, not quite within the town proper, a silver-outlined rose-and-tower fireworks display erupts.

    You then find yourself being pulled to the north and hover over a town nestled within the snow and glaciers to see fireworks burst into the image of gold and blue polar bear's head. Next, you are pulled far to the east, over the lands known commonly as the Elven Nations, in time for another fireworks display of three moons outlined in white and red.

    You feel yourself pulled once more, this time to the southwest of the Elanith Continent to a small town along the Tempest River near the Maelstrom Bay. An ivory streak shoots toward the sky before erupting into a display of crimson sparks that form themselves into the image of an open tome.

    At last, your vision clears, and yet the dazzling displays linger momentarily before your eyes, causing you to blink a few times.

    Roundtime: 7 sec.

    As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the party horn in your hand, and you learn something about it...

    From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the horn is as a decorative one, perhaps. You are not sure exactly.

    >loresing O party horn in my hand,;Sing to me now your magic in this land!
    You sing in Guildspeak:

    "O party horn in my hand,
    Sing to me now your magic in this land!"

    A silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers in your hand vibrates slightly in response to your song, and soon your vision clouds slightly. You are greeted with a parade of all sixteen images you had seen before and the faint ringing of cheers calling out, "Happy Twentieth Anniversary to the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia!" Your vision slowly clears, and you notice the silk streamers on your party horn fluttering slightly.
    You learn nothing new about the horn.

    >loresing O party horn held so dear,;Sing to me now your special ability so clear!
    You sing in Guildspeak:

    "O party horn held so dear,
    Sing to me now your special ability so clear!"

    You are unable to draw anything further from the party horn.
    You learn nothing new about the horn.

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