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Thread: Alchemy Script of Doom!!!1!one

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    I'm seeing alot of this...

    [alchemy: warning: failed to find a decent recipe]
    [alchemy: warning: failed to find a decent recipe]

    Followed by lots of running around, foraging, etc., then repeat.

    Should I mess with my alchemy set cost options?

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    Try ;alchemy suggest to see what it's missing for each recipe. It won't tell you every possible set of ingredients that would make a recipe work, just one set, but it might still be useful. There are many ranks that you can't do without buying things from the alchemist shop in town, or finding on critters. Turn on the buy-crap setting if you haven't already. If the recipe is missing a skin, you may need to add tags to the map database for rooms where the critter can be found. You'd also need attack-script set in alchemy if it's not already. If it says you're missing foragables, you probably need rooms tagged in your areas for them, or extend your max-travel-time to get them from other towns.

    The cost setting shouldn't have any affect on it finding a decent recipe. It only affects which recipe to pick and how to get the ingredients out out the recipes that will work.
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    I'm lazy so I translated your answer to the following.

    "Move to Wehnimer's Landing."

    Thanx Tillman!

    Edit: Ran into the same thing in the landing. Turned buy crap on. We'll see how she goes.
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    Hrm I'm curious if I can make the script ignore certain recipes?

    --- Lich: alchemy active.
    You remove some wolifrew lichen from in your silvery hip satchel.
    The wolifrew lichen looks like it has a few bites left.
    You put some wolifrew lichen in your silvery hip satchel.

    tincture of tkaro (4)
    flask of clear water (4)
    tkaro root (4)

    cost: 0, time: 0:06:52

    I would much rather have the script use the Lichen for the current skillup, as I have a stockpile... What is the script seeing when it looks at the lichen that it doesn't like?

    As a side note I also have 8 tkaro root, and it insists on continuing to forage.

    I see, Its suggesting that the tkaro root formula takes less time. Even though it hasn't factored in not being able to forage for it, because its over foraged.
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    It decided it was faster to make tkaro for some reason. Probably because the wolifrew lichen needs to be ground and tkaro doesn't, which is an extra 25 seconds per recipe if you're not a wizard. The more you forage, the more accurate its time estimate for forging becomes, so if it takes you more than 25 seconds to forage for tkaro it will eventually figure that out and use the wolifrew instead.

    If you want, you can open up the script and comment out the recipe for tincture of tkaro.
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    Default autohunting

    Anyone mind walking me through setting up the autohunt feature? I assumed bigshot would work as the attack-script but maybe I'm doing it wrong. I now need troll hides to gain ranks, so I figured out to tag a bunch of rooms with 'forest troll'. Now alchemy wanders through the tagged rooms nicely, stops at a troll, but bigshot only starts and exits on a loop. Help please?

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    Alchemy doesn't need a full hunting script like bigshot, it just needs an attack script. For example, this would almost work as an attack script:

    fput "attack"

    Assuming the tags are set up and everything, that will run around and kill the stuff you need, until you have enough of whatever ingredient you need. The reason that it only almost works is because it's not looting. If you want to use loot.lic as your looting script, it would be something like:

    start_script 'loot' unless running? 'loot'
    fput 'attack'
    start_script 'waitloot'
    wait_while { running?('waitloot') }

    That would work, but it sucks. Alchemy will only stop in the rooms with a critter you need to kill, but the attack script will just attack anything in the room, and attack everything the same way. However, alchemy passes the ids of the npcs you're supposed to be killing to the attack script.

    start_script 'loot' unless running? 'loot'
    target_list = GameObj.npcs.find_all { |npc| script.vars[1..-1].include?( and (npc.status !~ /dead/) }
    if target_list.length > 2
         cast 518
    elsif target = target_list[rand(target_list.length)]
         if target.noun == 'kobold'
              cast 901, target
         elsif == 'forest troll'
              cast 906, target
              cast 904, target
    start_script 'waitloot'
    wait_while { running?('waitloot') }
    You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Set a before-hunt-script that gets your gear out and stuff, and an after-hunt-script that puts your gear away and sells everything except the stuff you just hunted for.
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    Thanks, that script works good enough for me, except I replaced loot and wait_loot with sloot2.

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    other than mapping and tagging all the rooms in a guild is there something else that needs to be done to make it work?

    after the map DB was updated with the empath guild in icemule, (i know it was all tagged and mapped right because I did it, and all the ;e echo Room.current.tags came out right.)

    but if you try to run the alchemy script it still says it knows nothing about your guild.
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    never mind.. it looks like it works to me, I have to talk to the person I was trying to help with it again.
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