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Thread: Alchemy Script of Doom!!!1!one

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    On Teras Isle in Prime.

    [alchemy: error: failed to find trash room]
    [alchemy: error: failed to find a reagent shop]

    I went to room 13063 [Thistleberry's Hut, Repository - 13063]
    and checked for tags. None.
    Your disk arrives, following you dutifully.
    >;e echo Room.current.tags
    --- Lich: exec1 active.
    [exec1: []]
    --- Lich: exec1 has exited.

    I have no idea how to do this and don't want to mess anything up.
    Not sure what room should be tagged for a trash room.

    Can someone fix this or walk me through it?

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    Looks like it's just "trash"

    You can add the the tag proper like to the room using the steps outlined in the lrn2map thread. If you just want to get it working for you go to whatever room you want to use for tags and do:
    or from another room

    You'll have to do that everytime you login.
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    The reagant room is also missing. Not just trash.

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    The recipe for the 507 potion is wrong; it needs 2 mountain lion skins, not 1.

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    Ignore this, my question was dumb.
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    Good morning.

    Anyone have a clue why ;alchemy launches bigshot it would start and stop bigshot repeatedly in the hunting area?

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    Attempted to add the attunement reset recipe, but alchemy fails to find the recipe after adding it.

    	r = {
    		:product => 'reflective soulstone',
    		:steps   => [ 'light', 'add vial of viscous liquid', 'add some essence of air', 'add some essence of earth', 'add some essence of fire', 'add some essence of water', 'infuse', 'add gleaming multicolored soulstone', 'chant 925', 'seal' ],
    		:type    => 'trinkets',
    		:rank    => [ 63, 63 ],
    		:for     => [ 'Wizard' ],
    >;alchemy make reflective soulstone
    --- Lich: alchemy active.
    [alchemy: no matching recipe]
    --- Lich: alchemy has exited.
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    The recipe list is kept in memory rather than reloading them each time the script starts. Run the alchemy-recipes script to force it to load your changes into memory.
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    It's not buying powdered green starstones in the Teras guild. I'm in the guild, I have the money scrip to buy, but it doesn't recognize it for some reason?
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