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Thread: lrn2map

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    I'd like to call dibs on next update if possible.

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    Prime map database is uploaded.
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    working on prime

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    TSC needs to be retagged, someone spelled supernode wrong
    [exec1: supdernode]

    room 228

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    hey folks, I decided to take a last minute camping trip for mem day weekend, won't be finishing my mapping till I get back

    If anyone else wants to jump on the prime DB, go right ahead, I don't mind redoing the little I've done, I've got it all in a notepad.

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    hey guys, quick addition for you.

    in prime room 1270 should be tagged as alchemy sea water

    That way it doesn't run from solhaven to the landing to get water.
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    Could whoever updated Prime Ta'Illistim to run you all the way to the Sylvarraend herbalist as opposed to going to Jhesith's place in town please change it back?
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    if a tag is wrong you use these commands

    ;e Room[room#].tags = nil
    ;e Room.current.tags.push('luckbloom blossom')

    then go to your lich folder, data folder/gsiv folder and find the last
    map-9102834.dat file add it to an email to and send him the room number updated and tell him why it was updated
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethor View Post
    ;e Room[room#].tags = nil
    ;e Room.current.tags.push('luckbloom blossom')
    That won't actually work. If you set the tags to nil, you can't push anything onto it. It just stays nil. It would be better to just delete the tag that is wrong

    ;e Room.current.tags.delete('wrong tag name')

    After fixing a tag on your own map database, I'd rather just have the change post here instead of dealing with having the whole map database e-mailed to me. There's some checks I have to run on a database that anyone sends me, and it takes longer than just fixing a few tags on a known good database. Also, it would keep other people from working on the map database until I get around to uploading it.
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    I wouldn't use ;e Room[room#].tags = nil because you're going to delete all of the tags, not just the incorrect tag.

    You want to target the specific tag.

    ;e Room.current.tags.delete("supdernode")

    Working on prime again.
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