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Thread: lrn2map

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWorm View Post
    This OTF room is incorrectly tagged as having aloeas stem

    ;e Room[12046].tags.delete("some aloeas stem")
    There is so many fucked up herb rooms in OTF. I have no idea why. Herb tags are supposed to update automatically when a herb is found. Is it possible its a day/night issue?

    Also, Tillmen is it possible you could update the LNet tag script to remove herb tags on the message that an item cannot be found?

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    Hope it's ok I resurrect this thread, but I'm brand new at this and wanted to try adding a map I made to narost.

    All the rooms are numbered already, so I’ve executed step 1 (checkout/download map database) then I skipped to step 6a: copied my map into lich maps directory and then execute the command:

    ;e Room.current.image = wl-micefilename.png
    --- Lich: exec1 active.
    --- Exception: undefined local variable or method `wl' for main:Object
    exec1:1:in `_script'
    --- Lich: exec1 has exited.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong? I was also unsure what the # sign in the original instructions signified. Any command with or without it also fails. Hopefully I can figure this out so I can keep making new maps and share them. Any help is appreciated!


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    ;e Room.current.image = 'wl-micefilename.png'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jymamon View Post
    ;e Room.current.image = 'wl-micefilename.png'
    Well I feel like a fool because I thought the quotes signified my filename and didn't realize they were necessary, but it worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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    On Teras Isle in Prime.

    [alchemy: error: failed to find trash room]
    [alchemy: error: failed to find a reagent shop]

    I went to room 13063 [Thistleberry's Hut, Repository - 13063]
    and checked for tags. None.

    >;e echo Room.current.tags
    --- Lich: exec1 active.
    [exec1: []]
    --- Lich: exec1 has exited.


    Trash room with barrel is 12537 On Teras Isle in Prime.

    --- Lich: exec1 active.
    [exec1: ["node", "supernode"]]
    --- Lich: exec1 has exited.

    Can someone add these tags? Thanks

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    you know you can do it yourself. You already did the debugging to know they didn't have the tags. Process below

    Step 1. ;repo checkout-mapdb
    Step 2. go to room and type ;e Room.current.tags.push('taghere')
    Step 3. ;e
    Step 4. ;repo upload-mapdb

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    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if it's possible to update the image file of a currently active map. I mapped some rooms (tables) in Cysaegir so that ;go2 would work while at the table. Then I edited the image file, and mapped them on ;narost.

    For reference, my image with the additions:

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    The new image will be automatically uploaded with the ";repo upload-mapdb" command as long as at least one room uses that image and it has not already been uploaded. However, only the image filename is used to tell if an image has already been uploaded, which is why you see a timestamp at the end of the filename of most images in the map folder.

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    edit: nevermind - found the problem
    Last edited by zephyrii; 08-13-2017 at 10:28 PM. Reason: fixed the problem

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    Took awhile, but I finally have a character in House Paupers, so I spent some time last night improving the lockers for WL, Sol, and FWI. Things were a bit messy, and also I like adding features (auto-closing locker) as well as trying to either make rooms unique or add a puzzle solver.

    Long story short, WL isn't working 100% as I ideally want it and I'm gonna keep working on it. But hopefully anything I upload is always an improvement. In that sense, nothing is broken as far as I know, and there are less orphaned rooms now than there were before.

    If you find a problem, please PM me.
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