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Thread: OTF Rescue Service

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    Default OTF Rescue Service

    Anyone doing one of these by chance, if so let me know the details.
    The Badass Bard

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    You got a paying customer here too

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    nothin huh?

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    I have not been contacted about anything, but luckily when Kaedra, Skeletor, and Jaeden aren't AFK they have helped me out a ton.

    Not sure if there are any teams of empath/cleric crews, but I would be willing to help out with the leg work and testing to help get this going. Thinking about it, just a high level empath can do the rescues, and camp a cleric anywhere in town or something like that and level up using pure rescues.... If anyone has an empath I would be willing to open another acct and start up a cleric to get this going.
    The Badass Bard

    Gemstone Shattered: A game you don't have to play to enjoy

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    I'm hunting the ducts with a cleric so I'm glad to do a rescue in OTF if needed. I don't have the script skills to automate OTF rescues but if someone else has the skills and wants me to run it I'd be glad to.

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    Im always in Illistim too and I'm a cleric, I would be happy to do rescues if anyone lets me know. My cleric is Sune. I would not mind running a rescue script also, there is always a healer in room 156 (Briarstone Court) so really you dont need a new empath anyway...

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