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Thread: Auto raise/rescue Shattered Cleric

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    Default Auto raise/rescue Shattered Cleric

    Working on a script to have an auto rescue/raising cleric using Lnet chat for a select group. Of allowed persons. So basically the cleric once finished will rescue and raise all the characters who want to be, although the script wont rescue the Asshats. All free of charge of course.

    I have an alias set already for locating and finding the deader and a script which would allow the cleric to go to the room they are dead in to complete the raise.

    But needed an idea or opinion of the best way to do a raise. Anyone know if i did the healing/ raising in a major sanct if Bigshot would kick right in or if death_potions would kick in and take the afk character back to town to complete the resting routine?

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    yes it will continue, if you field raise them, however in darkstone that might be a problem because i dont think you can sanct there. also in places like the stronghold or reivers where you have to climb or jump chasams, might also be a problem because usually there so beat up they cant make those climbs or jumps to get back to town and will just hang and bleed back to death.

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