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Thread: Lotta Silvers at $7/mil

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    Default Lotta Silvers at $7/mil

    Got some more silvers.

    I'll sell them however you need them.
    Sets of 5, 10, 25 etc.

    PM or IM @ longshot69596

    Verified Paypal only

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    Quick and easy transaction, thanks!

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    I got about 30m left.
    Hit me up!

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    He woke up from his nap to just give me silvers. What a nice guy!

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    Nap? At 3:15 am? I like your style.

    15m left. Bumpin it.

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    5-10m left. Depends on if I want to keep it or not...but definitely 5ish left.

    Let me know what you want.

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    Very fast on delivery, only a few hours from initial contact to delivery, thanks!!
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    And most of it was travel time at that.
    Gotta love boats in GS.

    Still got some. Anyone want?

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