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Thread: SLoot Beta

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    Skinning for rangers (604) is double casting itself before skinning. It does wait out the duration of the spell but when it expires it double casts again.
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    I'm having an issue with using a scripted skinning sheath in slootbeta -- It has verbs to hide or show it from within a coat sleeve. It will not attempt to get the knife out of the skin_sheath variable, instead looking in my default stow container.

    I believe I can work around it by looking in the sheath at least once manually.
    EDIT: Nevermind. I can't consistently get it to work.
    EDIT2: Possibly need to make the sheath visible before my first skinning attempt. Hiding it afterwards allows it to continue to work.
    EDIT3: Yes, making the sheath visible before the first time I trigger slootbeta after logging in works consistently.

    I'm also having the full ready messaging appear every once in a while, with a pause to check for a disk.

    All in all, I'm enjoying the new sloot, though I haven't tried the selling aspect, since I'm scared to use it without the UI.
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