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    I'm having a situation when I attempt to use go2 on a path that involves the graveyard gate. My character knows 407, and if I have enough mana, go2 automatically uses it to get through the gate. But i'm seeing that if I do not have adequate mana to cast the spell, go2 simply hangs on either side of the gate.

    If I wanted to add a line to go2 to have pause for mana before attempting to determine if the spell can be cast, where would that go? Does go2 have any dependencies?

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    I'm having a small problem with undershooting...

    If it goes too fast in the middle of a run, that's fine it realizes its mistake, corrects itself and keeps running. But there's no check to make sure you arrived at the room # you wanted.

    So when there's a type-ahead error at the end, it assumes you're fine and leave you a room or two short.

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