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Thread: Bigshot: The New Optimus Prime

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    anyone had luck using the mob# to differentiate between attacks?

    i'd like to open cast 1030 with 3+ mobs in the room and incant it when there are less than 3...

    i tried "prep 1030 and cast(mob3), incant 1030(!mob3)" but that doesnt seem to work...still open casting with less than 3 mobs in the room...any advice?

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    Just realized i should have posted this here
    140 doesnt work in spells cmans and abilities tab but 117 does

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactic View Post
    Just realized i should have posted this here
    140 doesnt work in spells cmans and abilities tab but 117 does
    Try doing a skill full. Sometimes scripts use the "Spell[###].known?" qualifier before trying to cast the spell, and if you recently learned 140, but never performed a skill full, then your scripts won't be aware that you know the spell.

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    So I've returned to GSIV after 3-4 years and, for some reason, bigshot is not working for me. I've not found any help for my issue on the forum, I did look before making this post, but it is entirely possible I just didn't use the right search word combo, so if someone wants to just show me a link to a solution, that's great too.

    Simple problem - my new character is running through the catacombs and bigshot is only stopping to attack MAYBE 10% of the rats I see, normally I just keep running right past them without stopping.

    For my list, I've included rat, giant rat, and a giant rat - doesn't seem to matter.

    When it chooses to stop, it works fine - it just rarely chooses to stop. Oh, and no, it isn't a poaching issue - there's never anyone else (or a disk) in the room - I just run right by them.

    If it matters, I downloaded the windows 10 lich installer from the wiki which has a more recent version of ruby than the lich website itself calls for, but I figured that the lich website was just out of date.

    Any suggestions/fixes would be wonderful.

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    This is a known problem having to do with the difficulty of mapping the catacombs. There are several groups of two or more identical rooms in the catacombs.

    Bigshot asks the map database to move to a specific room number. The map database moves, not really knowing where it's going until it figures out where it is, and then continues onto the requested room. During these several moves, bigshot is just waiting like it always does, and cannot check for rats or stop to attack.

    A solution wouldn't be terribly difficult to code. It would likely involve editing bigshot to see if you're in the catacombs, and if you are, use a wander type movement instead of mapdb movements. Even so, no one has bothered to fix it. The easier solution is to just hunt somewhere else. The problem will instantly go away.
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    Easiest fix ever. Thanks!

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    is there a way to set bigshot up to run for one hunt, then to exit afterwards?

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    is there a way to only cast 320 when it is off cooldown in the hunting commands field?
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    I haven't tried yet (I usually just watch the frontend), but what about [active resting scripts]: "k bigshot"? I'll try it and let you know what happens.

    EDIT: Didn't work.
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    Is there a way to make the script decide to bolt or not based on spirit level?

    Like in one of my attack commands, I use this: incant 301(prone), incant 301(prone), incant 301(prone), incant 309(stunned), stance o and incant 306(x2)

    I'd prefer if that final 306 x2 checked spirit and defaulted to 309/302/302 if under 7 or so.

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