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Thread: lot of 65 empty gem jars

  1. Default lot of 65 empty gem jars

    sorry all, alchemist sells em for 648 silvers, aint that type'a fellow, so pulling the "ad". sorry. NOT FOR SALE

    tried to hoard and sell gems, aint worth the time and i never have what Rhet wants, snicker. 65 jars (66 i think), all empty, all hold 20 gems, there "might" be 1 or 2 that hold more but no guarantees. Some are dyed weird colors until i found out about the rummage verb. (17 years and still dumb)

    these sell in shops from 10k to 15k from what i see, so lets make it easy, all 65 jars for 325k, 5k a piece. i'll even letcha keep the mantle
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    The ones in the shops tend to be 50-item jars, just so you know. You can buy 20-item jars from the alchemist for pretty cheap.

    And I totally dyed all of mine because I didn't know about rummage ingredient either. I used to keep a notepad file so I'd know which was which.

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    ah crud, cheaper at the alchemist, hmm, i'll check it out. i bought all these jars in shops, and only 1 or 2 were over 20 items...thanks for the heads up

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    son of a gun, jars in the alchemist for 658 silvers. sorry all, aint the cheatin' type, disregard the entire post.

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