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Thread: Thread for Things That Made You Frown Today

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    Only if you're packing firepower and have easy access to a bunker for when the North Korean artillery starts raining down.
    There is a lot between that and now. The between is the fun part!

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    If you were enlisted that would be one thing but as a civilian? Maybe. Depends.

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    Yup, depends. Can't change my avatar from iPad. Another frown, and I found the most perfect vader samurai.

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    Vader Schmader
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    Ugh. So I received an email today from the assistant vice principle of my child's school, saying my child is being punished for telling a story to a couple other student's about a teacher. Granted it wasn't a nice story, and it was in a joking manner...but it was OUTSIDE of school. One of the kids decided to tell that certain teacher what was said because he assumed it was true. Yeah okay...sounds like a little rat to me. Anyway, the teacher is angry and now there will be some kind of consequence for my child after spring break. I had a talk with my daughter telling her it's not cool to talk about anyone like that, and how would she feel if someone did the same about her...rumors and all...but goddamn. Is it really right to punish a kid for something said at a friend's house, and then told by a little tattle tail? I don't recall this shit ever happening back when I went to school.
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    First of all - that is absurd. I can understand something posted on social media getting her in trouble, but a joke between friends? Ridiculous. Find out who she told the story to and make sure she never talks to those little tattle tails again.

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    Snitches get stitches.

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    Tell the school to fuck off.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hulkein View Post
    That is some weird shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnticorRifling View Post
    Tell the school to fuck off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnticorRifling View Post
    Tell the school to fuck off.
    This ... as no student *ever* talks trash about their teachers.

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