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Thread: "The Art of the Bow" - GSIV Archery Guide

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    Nice work! No interest in archery and was still a good read.
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    Thanks, guys. Who do I send it to for Krakiipedia? Naos?

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    Nice job, man!

    The armor group (AG) crit divisors for AG1 and AG2 are listed incorrectly.

    AG1 (normal clothing, robes): 5
    AG2 (leather): 6

    Also, if you want to add this -

    Standard bow/crossbow weapon weights:

    Bows (short, composite, long): 3 pounds
    Light crossbow: 8 pounds
    Heavy crossbow: 12 pounds


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    Good job, Briar. Nothing to add but +1 rep

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    Nice guide.

    Definately put it up on Krakii.

    The other suggestions mentioned here are good too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BriarFox View Post
    Thanks, guys. Who do I send it to for Krakiipedia? Naos?
    I'll try and put it up there. But it may take a bit with doing all the tables by hand. Doing those in wiki format can be annoying and time consuming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMUSED1 View Post
    Fixed (missing parentheses)
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    That's looking awesome, Amused. Thanks a ton.

    And thanks for the kind words here and in rep. Appreciate them!

    I'll incorporate the last few suggestions in the next update in a few. If you've got more, toss 'em.

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    If you want to get REALLY advanced you could post Droit's warrior sheath trick for arrows.

    The attached files are NOT zip files (did it so I could upload them here). You MUST rename them to .mht files (they're that "save everything into one file" MSIE thing).
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