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    I'm looking for a weapons harness. Doesn't have to be elaborate in description, just nothing fruity (I've seen diamond-dusted harnesses and the likes lately... really?) Needs to hold several two-handers. I've only been back in GS for three weeks so I'm not rich, either.

    Let me know what you've got. I'm in the Landing.

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    Get a warrior to make a sheath for you.

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    Yeah Swami's right, you can purchase a warrior's service and they can make a critter-pelt harness for you that makes the weapons inside what, weightless I think? At worst, I know it reduces the weight of weapons inside. That's your best bet when tuggin around 40 pounds of 2handers, my friend. Good luck! I'm sure someone on PC sells this service.

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    Nice, I'll look into that then. I forgot warriors could do that. Thanks both.

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    I think it knocks 2 pounds off the weight of each weapon in it.

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    And the sheath itself only weighs 0.5 pounds, regardless of capacity.

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    in the marketplace on the officials there's a folder for people offering/seeking professional services like this.
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