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Thread: New puppy :D

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    As I was asking before getting a DNS error..

    what's the overall obsession with americans with dogs in general?

    That is not a bad question, thanks

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    I\\'ll take a few mill off you if you are still selling.

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    what's the overall obsession with americans with dogs in general?
    Dogs are just awesome. Loving, fun, and unselfish.
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    Patch/Patches comes to mind for obvious reasons. However, for some reason so did Scotch. Maybe I just need a drink though.

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    I love that dog!!! I think I'm gonna throw my dog away and get a new one now! Is it a male or female?
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    Originally posted by Methais
    I'm hoping to teach her how to meteor swarm by next month.
    People need to learn to read.
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    Tisket is the best.

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    I say you named her Lulu.
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    Retrieving name suggestions. This may take a few moments.
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    The puppy is soooo cute. Name her Punk. She looks like a Punk. And if you ever have to call her to you outside youll get some funny looks.
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    Oh my god that dog is so unbelievably cute! So precious!

    I like Lulu, or Mimi. My dog's name is Rusty but when he was bad we'd call him Fucker. And unfortunately the name has stuck and so when he bolts out the door you can hear us yelling, "Get back here, Fucker!"

    My boyfriend recently told me a friend of his is going to name his next dog Stain. That way when the dog is missing or bolts out the door he can yell, "Come Stain, come Stain!"
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    That puppy is precious!! Did you think of a name yet? Maybe pick a name from one of your favorite books or use a name site and type in one of your puppies traits and see what names come up.

    Our dogs are Ayla (a female boxer/german shepard mix) and Sam (a lab/spaniel mix boy)

    We got Ayla from the Earth's Childrens series and Sam.... well the guy who gave him to me (when I was 14 hes olllllld) told us his name was Peewee Homer. :O

    It was at an Oktober Fest so the people at my Mom's beer tent took a vote and named him Sam.

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    <<what's the overall obsession with americans with dogs in general?>>

    Other coutries are obsessed with dogs too. The only difference is they eat them, we don't :P

    Actually dogs just kick ass. They're not stuck up asswipes like cats are, they're not something you can't do anything except look at like fish, you don't have to keep them in a cage and treat them all fragile like a bird, you don't have to feed them live animals like a snake, etc.

    Oh to whoever asked, it's a female dachsund. Not long hair, not miniature, just....dachsund.

    I'm thinking of naming her Morbid Gutass Sludge Puke Maggot Fest :P

    Whatcha think?
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