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Thread: Treasures in the Brambles: High-End Items For Sale and Trade

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    Default Treasures in the Brambles: High-End Items For Sale and Trade

    Taking cash offers on the following. I'm in no rush to sell them, but I'm also looking to shake things up so I'm willing to make a deal. The easiest way to contact me is through Discord: Nuadjha#4641

    Please see the following post for the history of sold items (the interesting ones).

    1) Some leather-backed mail traced with veniom vines - $2250

    10x hauberk
    T5 ensorcell
    HCP (135 services)
    Disruption flares
    10% resistance to slash/crush/puncture/lightning/acid/impact (60% total)
    +3 health regen and +3 stamina regen
    Reim ethereal armor script with T4 DS flares (+20 DS on activation, flares approximately 1 in 2 attacks) and T3 fluff unlock
    Max light

    2) A pewter suede belt quiver in a frame of spiral-wrought silver / a hand-scraped oak arrow with banded falcon fletchings (or various elemental tips) - $2500

    Bottomless quiver with 5x blessed (80% of the time) or random elementally flaring arrows (20% of the time - gornar, zorchar, drakar, rhimar)

    3) a decomposing sylvan longbow: - $750

    Once elegant in its simplicity and functionality, with the wide graining of a time-honored sephwir, this longbow has only the memories of those better days. The wood has softened around the edges and worms have added their own spiraling traces, while dirt and time have stained it a melange of hues. Worst of all, though, is the faint green miasma that seeps from it. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the longbow. There appears to be something written on it. (In the Sylvankind language, it reads: To Oriahn Delsechal, Captain of the Eranishal. May the paths be ever hidden.)

    7x longbow
    Heavily sighted (150 services)
    Max light

    Combo offer: I'll do the quiver and bow together for an even $3k.

    6) a deeply hooded cloak: .5/200, 50% weight reduction, feature-concealing cloak - $1500

    7) some sculpted matte black platemail: half plate, 7x, HCP (10 CER), LDP (1 CER), T1 Voln armor, max light - $175

    The sleek, sculpted lines of this armor are specifically designed to be form-fitted, the metal musculature serving to flatter as well as protect its wearer. The armor is primarily a deep matte ebon hue with each individual lame, from the plackart to the cuisses, fading from black to a lustrous red-gold at the edges. A single angular, upturned pauldron adorns the left shoulder of the armor, hammered from fiery, deep crimson glaes. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

    8) Delirium Manor doll with permanent 10-min key - $150

    a weary forester doll: The doll has wild chestnut hair and has some sun-streaked hazel green eyes that stare blankly at you. It has a broken nose centered on its tiny face, and two slender ears are secured to its head. It is wearing a leather-wrapped white hawk feather, a steel earcuff fashioned into clutching claws, a shriveled troll heart amulet, a sturdy hiking pack, a supple embroidered kidskin jacket, some scuffed tawny leathers, an autumnal tapestry weave belt, a white-striped green suede quiver, a leather archer's bracer, a wristlet fashioned of curling birch and autumn leaves, a left-hand cowhide falconry glove, a simple ring of tied twine, some suede-wrapped leg greaves, and some fringed suede moccasins. It is holding a triple-strung ipantor short bow in its right hand and a stone-tipped arrow with eagle feather fletchings in its left hand.

    There is a small pink mass tucked into the doll's chest cavity and a key slot along its back.

    Comes with an elaborate brass wind-up key

    Allows you to change into an NPC with limited actions - See "Whax Doll" on the GS Wiki

    9) Self-powered fireworks wand - $150

    An ebonwood golvern-ringed wand. Over 20 options to choose from plus a "nothing of note" option that produces its own random fireworks. I was told it charged weekly when I bought it, but I have not actually been able to exhaust it. I just waved it 23 times and it's still going strong.

    You turn the golvern ring on your golvern-ringed wand and a face appears on the metal.

    You wave your golvern-ringed wand in the air before you...
    Roundtime: 15 sec.

    A stream of green flame form a small face that smiles at you. It winks once before melting away into a fall of glittering motes.

    >turn wand
    You turn the golvern ring on your golvern-ringed wand and a pie appears on the metal.
    >wave wand
    You wave your golvern-ringed wand in the air before you...
    Roundtime: 15 sec.

    Waves of orange flame form a glowing pie. A single slice falls away from the rest and begins to plummet to the ground before dispersing with a shower of sparks. The rest of the pie shimmers and then fades away.

    10) 5/200 fully unlocked auto-bundling pelt backpack - $75

    11) 4/200 fully unlocked Yansio jacket with matching chest/arms armor concealer - $75

    a hip-length sage suede jacket with twining blackwork thorns
    a flaring moss chainsil shirt blackworked with intricate roses

    13) 25k weightless coin bag: a veniom mesh coin pouch - $175

    15) 2/100 fully unlocked auto-bundling pelt bag (belt-worn) - $75

    16) A spotted alabaster mushroom - $150

    Produces 3 spores per day that can be thrown to hit 1-3 creatures with an immolation-like major e-wave. Does damage and sets creatures on fire.

    17) 1x/day bravery - $100

    20) Self-filling pipe - self-filling pipe with room ambients - $75

    A carved briar airship pipe: Polished briar burl, rubbed to a gleaming crimson, is intricately carved into the semblance of an airship. Holes bored into an elongated mast form the mouthpiece of the pipe, which arches luxuriously downward into the bowl of the pipe and the body of the ship. Tipped with an eahnor-traced prow, the bowl is carved in minute detail down to a tiny ladder below the starboard bow. The deck of the ship yawns open, its cargo the charred remains of fragrant tobacco.

    21) 5x/day triple dispel wand (casts Mental, Spirit, and Elemental Dispels all at once) - $75

    22) An ethereal armor waiver for defensive strength flares (Tier 2 - costs 100,000 ethereal script) - $50


    4) an urglaes thumb ring - 5-setting perm teleport ring with scrying ability - SOLD

    5) a burnished russet leather jerkin: - SOLD

    Burnished dark with age and frequent oilings, the battered jerkin is covered in tiny stitches that repair myriad cuts and scrapes. At first glance, the stitching appears a bit haphazard, but closer inspection reveals that the stitches form intricately detailed elemental runes of earth done in gleaming faenor thread. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

    7x fulls
    HCP (150)
    10% crush resistance

    8) a woven reed and dried wiregrass pouch: Magic seed pouch. Produces "magic seeds" that, when buried, each produce three pieces of a random herb (pothinir grass, basal moss, acantha leaf, etc.) SOLD

    12) 6x/6x T4 nervestaff: a twisted illthorn walking stick with a time-hollowed grip (fully attuned) - SOLD

    14) 25k weightless coin bag: a silvery mesh coin bag - SOLD

    18) 1x/day Disk - SOLD

    19) 3x/day Wizard Shield - SOLD
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    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    History of Sold Items:

    • 10x T5 max-light and spiked augmented chain with 150 services of crit padding and 10 services of damage padding, +3 health/+3 stamina regen - 200m
    • 1x/day 913 - 25m
    • 6x hcp t2 lightened/altered doubles - 30m
    • 6x hcp brig - 24m
    • 8x fully unlocked T5 wandbow - 30m
    • 3/120 shoulder-worn: a deeply hooded longcloak that seems to blend into the surroundings - 11.5m
    • 10x DB cloak
    • 2x DB gauntlets
    • Tier 3 briar-flaring bastard sword - 210m
    • Meaty femur - 2x/day unique wolf familiar - 45m
    • Auction-quality tent
    • 4x bottomless quiver with blessed or randomly flaring arrows - 250m
    • 6x heavily sighted sephwir longbow
    • 8x hcp hauberk
    • 1x/day heal-all cocoon
    • 3x poison e-bow
    • 4x Lirion e-bow
    • 10x medium rolaren shield, 6lbs, 25m
    • 6x, heavily crit padded, Tier 3 Ithzir flares (charges tree, fogs to a private sanctuary), Tier 5 Ensorcelled augmented chain. - 85m.
    • 7x "shell armor" hauberk
    • A perfectly rounded lemon-hued citrine brushed with cloudy tendrils (forehead gem) - 39m
    • 4x T2 perm-Khaladon poison flares cinquedea - 10m
    • Anti-thief +10 perception bladder - 20m
    • 5x sephwir speed light crossbow -- Heavily sighted, cocks in 3 seconds, does not change stance or pull from hiding when cocked -- 30m
    • ShadowDeath quarterstaff: a banded black alloy quarterstaff - 25m
    • A bronze shade-lizard (shade-skink) - 20m
    • An endless cigar humidor - 16m
    • 4x exceptionally sighted racial longbow (halfling/sylvan) - 45m
    • 3x/day call familiar runestone - 20m
    • 7x ethereal flamberge - permablessed but usable only on undead - 30m
    • 7x appearance and AsG morphing chain
    • 6x 4-slot fusion armor of your choice - 120m
    • 6x 4-slot fusion weapon of your choice - 60m
    • Xenium anklet - ICE-age self-charging e-wave (1x/48hrs, max of 3) - 17m
    • Major Elemental Dice of Fate - 23m
    • 5x mcw walking staff (quarterstaff)
    • A tiny golden sorcerer figurine - 3x/day Eye Spy - 6m
    • Trollbane flamberge - cycles 3x-8x with powerful fire flares on trolls, identifies and locates trolls, heavily scripted - 22m
    • Blue iorake bastard sword - 5x sancted ICE-age - 4m
    • A black branding iron and torture kit - iron cauterizes all bleeding wounds (wound remains but no longer bleeds), kit has scripted torture implements - 50m
    • an engraved bronze scimitar symbol backed with a disk of red imflass - mage-rechargeable 1717 (V'Tull's Fury) and +4 STR stat, persists - 7m
    • Some Felcour duelling gauntlets inlaid with jagged shards of golden topaz -- heavily scripted challenge gauntlets with lightning flares - 10m
    • 4x/2x TD, Tier 2 Anfelt scripts, brig - a suit of indigo rolaren-scaled brigandine lined with suede-backed gold buckles - 10m
    • 8x swcw dagger - 12m
    • Returning bola - 18m
    • Exploding-spores mushroom - 30m
    • 1x/day raise dead wand
    • Whittling knife
    • Red fireball ring
    • 4x/day 1712 river stone
    • 313/140/306/304 gem-eater rod
    • 3x/day invis talisman
    • 4x/day 511 rod
    • 430/410/405/806 gem-eater medallion
    • 2x/day 1606 symbol - 75m
    • Druid staff (3x/day 616/610)
    • 2x/day Phoen's Strength (606) headband - last charge - 25m
    • 6/140 pin-worn: a high-collared sleeveless bronze silk shirt - 12m
    • sephwir longbow - 31.5m
    • 10x HCP LBP - 110m
    • 6x heavily crit padded sanctified "etched ora breastplate" - 30m
    • 8x Ironwright "veniom-hafted dark rolaren waraxe," blessable by any means (including 302 scrolls and pure potions) with fire or disrupt flares, 3lbs - 30m
    • ShadowDeath "gilded black alloy lance" (cycles 4-5x, HP flares, wave attack, tons of scripts) - 30m
    • 7x morphing rigid leather (changes into any armor in the brig class) - 10m
    • 6x somewhat crit padded "thin leather tunic" (fulls) - 10m
    • 3x heavily crit padded "suit of mithril ringmail" (augmented chain) - 6m
    • 4x morphing rigid leather (morphs to 17 descriptions and any armor in the rigid leather Armor Group) - 4m
    • +12 ranged bonus greathelm - 18m
    • 72 sylvan wizard
    • 8.1m sorcerer
    • 2x/day chronomage disk - 20m
    • 6x 3-slot fusion composite bow with T2 Ensorcell - an elegant mossbark composite bow with carved silver nocks - 40m
    • pan flute - 5m
    • Permanent gold ring - 30m
    • Lesser black ora medallion x2 - 25m for 1, 25k bloodscrip for the other
    • 8x Lirion elemental longbow with permablessed and randomly flaring arrows that are +1 to +30 (capping at 10x), with 10 services of sighting - $2,800 SOLD
    • 5-setting urglaes ring - $800 SOLD
    • Weightless coin pouch for 25k coins - $225 SOLD
    • 20x/day 410 trinket - $125 SOLD
    • 3/100 fully unlocked pirate bandolier - $125 SOLD
    • +18 vhcw (12 points) max-light handaxe - $125 SOLD
    • 100k bloodscrip - $850
    • 4x acid-flaring unlimited handaxe bandolier - $850
    • 20x/day 616 bone - $100
    • 6x, T5, heavily sighted (150), +8 ranged bonus longbow - $200
    • 9/200, 50% weight-reducing cloak with +5 max health and +2 health regen - 170k bs
    • Mystical fireleaf crossbow: 5x base, self-ammo, +1-30 randomly damage-weighted permablessed bolts, somewhat sighted (55 services) - 85m
    • Matched set of T5, SWCW (50 services), permablessed, scripted UAC gloves (7x) and boots (6x) - 225k bloodscrip
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    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriarFox View Post
    Shield sold.
    Mind posting how much?

    Also sorry if this is a threadjack but... can shields be looted off corpses?

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    Yes shields can be taken off of your body. At least in OTF they can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celephais View Post
    Mind posting how much?

    Also sorry if this is a threadjack but... can shields be looted off corpses?
    10x medium rolaren, 6lbs, 25m. I got three offers to buy it within 10 minutes, so maybe I should have asked for more!

    Shields can be looted by Ithzir, but they can't be disarmed, of course.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    Shields can be looted by Ithzir?

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    Weapons, shield, magic trinkets ... if you want to keep it, get a locked bag.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    Bump. 8x hauberk is pending sale.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    Added some stuff.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    Added some more stuff. Most of this stuff is available for trade for interesting items that come out of EG, too.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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