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Thread: KRAKIIPEDIA! The sexiness within Lich.

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    Default KRAKIIPEDIA! The sexiness within Lich.

    So, with Tillmen's help I've updated the ;krakii script to be more sextastic. Here is an example.

    >;krakii herb
    --- Lich: krakii active.
    | KRAKIIPEDIA - herb
    Fetched article from
    Herbs of Elanthia are mostly used for healing purposes. Most of them can be found in various outdoor locations when using the Forage verb. All herbs that are not potions or tinctures can be bundled into 50 doses. Potions and tinctures are limited to 10 doses and are combined using the Pour verb.
    --== Contents  ==--
       * 1 Herbs1.1 Foragable
       * 1.2 Non-foragable
       * 1.3 Herb Table (with comparable Empath spells for reference)
       * 2 Related Topics
       * 3 References
    --==   Herbs   ==--
    The various types of herbs found in Elanthia, and their uses, are listed as follows:
       *  Acantha leaf - Heals 10 health points per bite.
       *  Aloeas stem - Heals major head or neck wounds.
       *  Ambrominas leaf - Heals minor limb wounds.
       *  Basal moss - Heals minor abdomen, chest, back, or eye wounds.
       *  Cactacae spine - Heals minor limb scars.
       *  Calamia fruit - Heals major limb scars.
       *  Cothinar flower - Heals a moderate amount of health per bite.
       *  Cuctucae berry - Heals 10 health per bite.
       *  Ephlox moss - Heals major limb wounds.
       *  Haphip root - Heals minor head or neck scars.
       *  Marallis berry - Heals 10 health per bite.
       *  Pothinir grass - Heals major abdomen, chest, back, or eye wounds.
       *  Sovyn clove - Instantly repairs a level 3 limb scar (missing limb).
       *  Spearmint leaf - Aids digestion and cures bad breath.
       *  Strigae cactus - Heals 30 health per bite.
       *  Tkaro root - Silences reception of thoughts from the Crystal amulet and the Order of Voln's Symbol of Thought.
       *  Torban leaf - Heals minor nervous system scars.
       *  Wolifrew lichen - Heals minor nervous system wounds.
       *  Woth flower - Heals major nervous system scars.
       *  Yabathilium fruit - Heals a random amount of health per bite.
       *  Bolmara lichen - Used to create Bolmara potion, which is used to heal major nervous system wounds.
       *  Brostheras grass - Used to create Brostheras potion, which is used to heal major head or neck scars.
       *  Bur-clover root - Used to create Bur-clover potion, which instantly restores a level 3 eye scar.
       *  Rose-marrow root - Used to make Rose-marrow potion, which heals minor head or neck wounds.
       *  Talneo root - Used to make Talneo potion, which heals minor abdomen, chest, back, or eye scars.
       *  Wingstem root - Used to make Wingstem potion, which heals major abdomen, chest, back, or eye scars.
      Herb Table (with comparable Empath spells for reference) 
                       Wound                  Minor                 Major     Empath spell
                  Limb Wounds       Ambrominas leaf           Ephlox moss             1102
                   Limb Scars        Cactacae spine         Calamia fruit             1111
        Nervous System Wounds       Wolifrew lichen        Bolmara potion             1103
         Nervous System Scars           Torban leaf           Woth flower             1112
             Head/Neck Wounds    Rose-marrow potion           Aloeas stem             1104
              Head/Neck Scars           Haphip root     Brostheras potion             1113
              Eye/Body Wounds            Basal moss        Pothinir grass             1105
               Eye/Body Scars         Talneo potion       Wingstem potion             1114
    --==   Related Topics   ==--
       *  Icemule herbs
       *  Teras herbs
       *  Zul Logoth herbs
       *  Pinefar herbs
       *  Foraging locations
    --==   References   ==--
       *  Elanthian Herbs & Remedies at Play.Net
       *  Elanthian Flora at Play.Net
    Retrieved from "" 
    --- Lich: krakii has exited.
    And if you wanted more information on a specific herb, say Rose-marrow Potions, clicking a link restarts the script with the new information.

    --- Lich: krakii active.
    | KRAKIIPEDIA - Rose-marrow_potion
    Fetched article from
    Rose-marrow potion is a potion made of knob-like nodules on a rose-marrow root. This particular herb, when rendered into this form, is useful for healing minor head and neck wounds. However, this potion leaves behind a scar, which would require haphip root, or for more severe scars, brostheras potion.
    Rose-marrow potion cannot be foraged. Rose-marrow roots can be foraged and made into a tincture of rose-marrow through alchemy. Rose-marrow is a member of the leguminous family. It has small, scarlet-edged white blossoms and possesses small seed pods and black-green leaves.
         Note: Mixing rose-marrow potion with any other potion will cause an explosion.
    --==   Alchemy Recipe   ==--
    Using rose-marrow root, one can create a tincture of rose-morrow.
       * add water
       * add ground rose-marrow root
       * simmer
    --==   Other Remedies   ==--
    The following potions, teas, and ales have the same effect as rose-marrow potion.
       * Elk-horn potion - Icemule Trace
       * Feverfew tea - Pinefar
       * Semak's smooth ale - Teras Isle
       * rusty red ale - Zul Logoth
    --==   External Links   ==--
       * Herbs and Remedies, on
       * Elanthian Flora Guide: Plants and Herbs, on
    Retrieved from "" Category: Herbs
    --- Lich: krakii has exited.
    Very! Very! Cool!

    I have rights back to ;krakii thanks to Vizy's help so you can ;repo downoad krakii to update.
    It must be hard to type with ghostcrawlers penis lodged in your ass. - g++

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