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Thread: Random (official) GM posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by GM Estild
    I have 56 ranks in water lore so I should be getting a 10% chance of not having a cooldown. I just casted rapid fire 25 times in a row to test and every single time, I had a cooldown when the effected ended. I tested this because during the last DR, I went thru must've been over a hundred rapid fires and never noticed a cooldown negation. Is there something I'm not noticing or a bug with messaging? Anyone else seeing this?
    I just tested it and it appears to be working fine. However, previously, there was no messaging to know when it kicked in (you had to type SPELL ACTIVE) to see if the Recovery debuff was listed or not. I added new messaging when Rapid Fire (515) is cast to note when the Elemental Lore, Water benefit kicks in.

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    RF with no cooldown shouldn’t be a post cap goal on top of the RT nerf which was more than enough nerfing without slapping acooldown on it too.

    Estild should just undo half of the dumb shit he did to wizards and stop being a penishead.
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    This likely deserves its own thread but meh.

    Quote Originally Posted by GM Wyrom
    >>In fairness to those asking, this is because things don't get added if we don't ask for them well in advance. Plus we (apparently!) like the event ;-).

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying that the requests are already happening. I appreciate people actually understanding when to suggest features. Most suggestions always come too late.

    >>Truth! it's also the next event we know about that we can request stuff for, and the only event for services/items of a certain level of mechanical value. What would you like us to do?

    Like my answer above, my comment wasn't that it is a bad thing that people enjoy the event and its offerings. My comment was directed at the general thoughts about event saturation that was going on in another thread.

    >>Non-undead bane (automated?) certificates please, and also ithziri armor automated certificates available at the opening of the scrip shop

    Banes can't be automated. But other banes can certainly be discussed. What banes would people like to see? Be very specific (even if you don't think it exists). The 8 points of weighting or flares was something we tried, but banes aren't limited to those numbers.

    >>and there are no alternative high end events!

    This is because bloodscrip are already established. As I've mentioned in another thread (EG), I'm a stickler for keeping to story. Bloodscrip, while is just a currency, is linked to Bloodriven Village. I wouldn't want to use it at another venue. We could create another type of event at Bloodriven Village, sure.

    >>greater elemental flare certs please

    They will likely continue next year.

    >>Please bring back the night shroud cloak and forest armor certs/waivers.

    These will likely come back, but we'll discuss it more.

    >>I'd like to be able to add lightning element resistance to armor or shields.

    Resists are something I would like to add to an automated 2018 roster.

    >>A 425 x/day item.

    This would likely not come to Duskruin. It would be a limited release.

    >>A crystal amulet that never shuts off as long as you're wearing it.

    I think we have something like this. If not... /plots.

    >>Limited quantity make-your-own-signature-verb certs. (Or swear, spell prep, bolt message, disk...)

    This isn't a good venue for custom stuff. I need us to move away from that. Just to give you all an idea, I'm still working on stuff from April's run.

    >>Oh, and even though nobody seems to be buying them, please keep the Ironwright contracts. I'm getting close, 124k bloodscrip and I have like 400 arena entries stuffed in a locker, so I'm within reach!

    I believe we sold one or two.

    >>Rare flare certificates. I need to add disruption flares to go along with my greater mood script.

    Thanks for naming one. Any others?

    >>Flares, resistance, combat-script adding (Ithzir, Reim, Voln, etc), Pick-your-own enhancive adding, weight-reduction at a lower price point, and greater moods, please.

    Enhancive work is something for Summit Academy. We want to give Summit Academy specific goals. Greater moods, same issues, it's all custom work so it's not a very good venue. Weight reduction at a lower price point, would you just want to buy 1% at a time? Or do you mean it's too pricey at 5%? It sells quite a bit at its current price point, so it would be tough to move it.

    >>enhancive swapping certificates

    Same as above with enhancive work.

    >>Lesser de-fusion certificates. They require an empty slot on the item to be defusioned, and cost much less than the previous defusion certs

    Do you mean just have 1 enhancive added? There are sets of items with 5 fusion slots out there.

    >>Banshee flaring

    We have been talking about doing temp banshee flares but more often (at Duskruin). What do you guys think?

    >>Sanctification removal certs.

    Possible, but would not apply to eonake, white ora, or any other item that is naturally holy.

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