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Thread: Sexual Blunders

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardCranium View Post
    Soggy cave. Wtf.
    so moist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androidpk View Post
    so moist
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    Mithrilschlong, 2015-03-10 to slightly later on 2015-03-10. You will not be forgotten!

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    One of the Jeopardy contestants was talking about how she was making cookies and Trebek says, "Mmmm, I like them moist."

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    Quote Originally Posted by velderan View Post
    The burst of laughter this elicited caused several of my coworkers to inquire what, precisely, was so funny. Thanks jerk. How am I supposed to nerd out on the DL at work when this kind of crap is posted?
    By not nerding out in threads called "Sexual Blunders" while you're at work? ;D

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    This.... This so far is the greatest thread in the forum! We need to revive this thread!

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