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Thread: Which Good Movie Have You Seen Recently?

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    "The Band's Visit", as far as actual movies go; Jan, 1. '08+.
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    Watched No Country For Old Men.

    Was actually pretty good. The crazy murderer guy pulls of a psycho really well, it's quite entertaining. Has Tommy Lee Jones (actually managed to act decently this time), and Woody Harrelson in it.


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    Kung Fu Panda - last weekend. Good movie. Quite funny.

    Prince Caspian - today. Good movie. Liked the first better.
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    On July 2, I'll be sure to come back and say Hancock.
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    See Juno.

    Failing that, see the new Indiana Jones movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobmuhthol View Post
    On July 2, I'll be sure to come back and say Hancock.

    Also, does anyone else hope that Will Smith returns to his theme of doing a rap for his movies? I mean come on, "Hancock"? Talk about fertile soil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    Diary of the Dead.
    Full of awesomeness.

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    P.S. I love you

    Its a chick flick but a good one. Man has a tumor and knows he is going to die, so he leaves behind letters to his wife to help her out through the first year he is gone.

    Jolena's hooha would be breezy.
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    he leaves behind letters to his wife to help her out through the first year he is gone.
    My husband would do that. Just to remind me that I am not allowed to have sex with anyone until he's been dead at least a decade.
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    I like penis.
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    I'm pissed I missed seeing Cloverfield on the big screen... I saw it on a plane to Singapore and it was day and fuckers didn't close their windows and light was reflecting off my KrisWorld...

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