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Thread: Enhancive weapon/items, zested items, and gem holding jewelry auction

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    Default Enhancive weapon/items, zested items, and gem holding jewelry auction

    Hi everyone,

    In my quest for more funds to pursue Alchemy, I need to sell off some stuff that's been moldering in my locker. All zested items have their scripts posted. If you have any questions about what's for sale, and I'll see if I'm able to answer them. All enhancive items are fully charged. (or at most, missing one charge when I was testing rank requirements)

    If you wish to bid, you can either PM me or post here. Individual bids will be updated as possible, but a bid will go once, twice, and sold on a daily update. (likely evenings, but if something happens and I can't get in, will do it first thing in the morning)

    This auction is also posted on the official boards.

    On to the items!

    From 2007 Ebon Gate:

    a whorl-etched tigerfang crystal - Sealuna enhancive gem. Will enhance mental lore, transformation ranks by +10, requires 20-30 ranks to use. (not sure on exact number) Must be a half-elven or human empath to use also. Have 2 available.

    Tigerfang crystal #2
    MB: 400k
    CB: 400k bluesmith SOLD
    BO: 800k

    Auction closed!
    Last edited by Kembal; 06-28-2008 at 08:08 PM. Reason: Updated with bids/daily update/deleted delivered items

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    30k scroll

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    a hawk-carved polished thanot torc, 75k

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    A white pearl-inlaid bracer clasped with a sliver of nacre, 750k

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    800k pearl-inlaid bracer

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    Update 0.5 in! Daily update to come tonight.

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    Default skullcap

    250k on the skullcap

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    A chaplet of linked silver and electrum discs - Headworn.

    I will bid 150k

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    Bump! Update 1.0 done, with new bids added and all current bids moved to Once.
    Last edited by Kembal; 06-19-2008 at 10:42 PM.

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    Bump! Update 1.5.

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