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Thread: Official Website.

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    Okay, it gets stranger: my Shattered newbie has NO problems. It's only my Prime character that has this happening. Any other ideas, Tillmen? ;updater update forcemap isn't fixing it, and from my searching in the Lich folder, it worked for everyone eles getting the marshal data error. This blows.

    EDIT: Fixed it. Manually deleted the 0kb map.dat file, ran updater, problem solved. Thanks for your time Tillmen.
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    hmmmm is the lich website down? gonna be on my laptop for a week and cannot live without this anymore...


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    .com or .org? is working fine for me. As for
    Quote Originally Posted by SpiffyJr View Post
    I'm letting expire and Tillmen is going to take the domain. I will not be transferring any of the content from the site. If you want something off of there I suggest you save it by 08/02/2010.

    P.S. I'm a cheap bastard.


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    Gotta calm your dad down man.

  5. Default So I heard about lich

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kranar View Post
    Link to the official website for The Lich Project is:

    [ URL="" ][ /URL ]
    [ URL=""] [/URL ]
    You know, the link SAYS, but it's still pointing to the sourceforge.

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    Updated the link.

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    Hi Kranar.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheEschaton View Post
    Are our lives now so fragmented and depersonalized that things we should already be doing, like saving those in danger and feeding the homeless, have suddenly become the actions of heroes?


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    Computer crashed while I am on the road...kharma.

    Anywho, reinstalling everything and I followed the steps for Windows 7 / Wizard on the website. The Lich game entry connects and pulls up Ifor, but when I click play the window just closes and nothing else happens. I can log in fine with the SGE. I just wondering if there is a step that is missing from the website.


    Yup. You should add "if it don't work, click on the INSTALL tab on the launcher and hit the "restart as admin" button.
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