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Thread: Official Website.

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    Default Official Website.

    Link to the official website for The Lich Project is:
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    This should probably be updated with an option for the website for Tillman's lich

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    I'm looking to investigate a Windows 7 and Lich issue.. what's the difference between these two?

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    One of them is well-supported and popular, and the other one might not even work anymore. (Tillmen's is the former.) Also, I'm using windows 7 and didn't have any issues with the install using SpiffyJr's installer, look for it on (I believe) the second page in this forum.
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    Okay, thanks Alorn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asrial View Post
    I'm looking to investigate a Windows 7 and Lich issue.. what's the difference between these two?
    The last version of Lich I released, v3.57, is a compiled executable that uses an embedded version of Ruby. Tillmen's versions are Ruby scripts themselves.

    More plainly, v3.57 and earlier start their own copy of Ruby and run scripts within it, pulling the strings of Ruby like a puppeteer. Anything after that runs within Ruby and uses Ruby to run not only itself, but also the scripts. From a user perspective, the latter is more desirable (but was infinitely more boring to program, which is why I switched how things worked around version 3.0.) Tillmen basically runs the project now; I just don't have time for it anymore, and I'm glad he decided to take it up. That's one of the reasons I made it open source to begin with.

    v3.57 and earlier work just fine, but since Tillmen and most users write scripts to work with the most recent copies, most newer scripts are probably unusable in my older versions.
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  8. Default lich vs psinet

    im new to these to sites, i have psinet running now, and i love the maps
    i tried to dl lich, deleted psinet like it said do then redownloaded it after i dl lich but i couldnt get it to work, so i did a go back on my computer to get back to just psinet. i have windows 7 im sorry but i am dumb to this, i just enought to get me in trouble. but whats the difference in these 2 and can they work together or do i need them to work together or just need 1 i hear people talking about lich all the time but i dont know how to get it to work
    is there anyone that could help me out with this later tonight

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  10. Default truffles

    i love Truffles!!

    and its clov no e
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