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Thread: AIM snippets

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    Default AIM snippets

    I had to post this somewhere so... I made a new topic!

    Ever hear just a little thing that's REALLY funny on AIM? Post it here!

    Here's mine

    Ich liebe Pimmel (10:04:40 PM): hunny r u alright?
    Ich liebe Pimmel (10:04:51 PM): Of course she likes me
    Ich liebe Pimmel (10:04:54 PM): I'm Grade A stud
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    Friend: hey
    me: whoops.
    friend: what?
    me:'s this great porn site.
    friend: Oh. Ok.
    *a minute or so later*
    friend: That's fucking sick, I hate you.
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    Originally posted by Artha
    me:'s this great porn site.
    MY EYES!!!!!!!

    I hate you... bastard.

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    You show me a video of me typing that and Ill admit it. (This was the excuse he came up with when he was called out for a really stupid post)
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    Well tell that to the Naval hospital that issued a birth certificate labeled Ft Lejeune ... and then typed it in.
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    Xaifun Okamx: though i'd bet your character is really hot. and i think my character would go Dark side just to boff you.

    That's my guy friend Jim. We were talking about our SW RPG characters. Some of you who go into the chat might know him as "the groper," because I refer to him like that once in a while.
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    hahaha this is hilarious! Sean knows Gil/Balstraud, Gil's the man!

    Gil (11:36:44 PM): ive decided
    Gil (11:36:47 PM): im bisexual
    bOOtyLiciouSAsiA (11:36:48 PM): LOL
    bOOtyLiciouSAsiA (11:36:49 PM): FU
    bOOtyLiciouSAsiA (11:36:52 PM): get out of here
    Gil (11:36:58 PM): I luv da cock
    Gil (11:37:01 PM): :|
    bOOtyLiciouSAsiA (11:37:03 PM): OMFG
    bOOtyLiciouSAsiA (11:37:07 PM): OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! If you know this kid you'd be laughing too.

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    Hm. Here are a few IMs of myself (apparently while drunk) and other people (while I was sober and they were drunk).

    Mooshoo16 (3:09:31 AM): you drunk
    Mooshoo16 (3:09:36 AM): alkie
    Roommate 1 (3:09:44 AM): can i get lo mein polease
    Mooshoo16 (3:09:52 AM): 4 dorrah
    Roommate 1 (3:09:55 AM): wit extra beef
    Mooshoo16 (3:10:01 AM): 6 dorrah
    Roommate 1 (3:10:14 AM): too expensive
    Roommate 1 (3:10:22 AM): 4 dorrah 10cent
    Mooshoo16 (3:10:48 AM): call adrian
    Roommate 1 (3:10:59 AM): ok
    Mooshoo16 (3:11:01 AM): ask her if she'll love you long time for 5 dorrah
    Roommate 1 (3:11:16 AM): do asains do that

    I was pretty fucked up for this one. I think this came shortly after one of the Atheana threads.

    Tijay2000 (12:52:25 AM): heh heh apparently reading the PC makes grays impotent from his rage
    Mooshoo16 (1:32:34 AM): huh
    Mooshoo16 (1:32:42 AM): i'ma pretyy fucked up rihug now
    Tijay2000 (1:32:50 AM): cause you an alcoholic
    Mooshoo16 (1:33:03 AM): you're na alcoholic
    Mooshoo16 (1:33:05 AM): bitch
    Tijay2000 (1:33:16 AM): surrrrre
    Tijay2000 (1:33:27 AM): go moderate your boards!
    Mooshoo16 (1:33:31 AM): now awht about graysalin being omntiponten?
    Tijay2000 (1:33:58 AM): grays finally came home to defend his woman
    Tijay2000 (1:34:05 AM): but she deleted all of her posts that she edited
    Mooshoo16 (1:34:56 AM): i was going to tmirriwo
    Mooshoo16 (1:35:03 AM): tomorrow, not tmrriwo
    Tijay2000 (1:35:13 AM): i know you you mean alkie
    Mooshoo16 (1:35:15 AM): i'm sure yuo didn't know what i meant
    Mooshoo16 (1:35:29 AM): should i post?
    Tijay2000 (1:35:33 AM): yes
    Mooshoo16 (1:35:41 AM): ti'll take 10 millin years to tpye cohrently
    Tijay2000 (1:35:53 AM): type it in word so it spell checks and shit
    Tijay2000 (1:35:59 AM): and then copy it into the pc
    Mooshoo16 (1:36:26 AM): i think i'mgonig to be sick
    Tijay2000 (1:36:33 AM): do it on your keyboard
    Mooshoo16 (1:37:23 AM): i'm naot reading 4 pgases of posts
    Tijay2000 (1:37:28 AM): so dont
    Tijay2000 (1:37:38 AM): just say grays go make your own flames thread and let this one die
    Mooshoo16 (1:37:38 AM): but then iw not' know what to say
    Tijay2000 (1:37:51 AM): ill paraphrase
    Tijay2000 (1:38:03 AM): the 1st 2 pages are edine going yay shes gone look at me i have pictures of me im purdy
    Tijay2000 (1:38:19 AM): then the next 2 pages are grays going rawrrr your mean to my woman
    Tijay2000 (1:38:56 AM): Understood, Harmnone, but I do want to let you know why I am angry and posting as I am right now. I come home to my girlfriend who is very upset about what was said about her on a BBS. THAT by itself, makes me VERY, IRRATIONALLY angry. Not too many things do that too me.

    Tijay2000 (1:39:03 AM): there that paraphrases all his posts
    Tijay2000 (1:40:40 AM): and this quote by peam sums up everyone elses posts
    Tijay2000 (1:40:46 AM): Nah, brah.

    If I had her/your address(es), I'd crowbar you both.
    Mooshoo16 (1:42:30 AM): done.
    Mooshoo16 (1:42:44 AM): please inform evryone that i'm not in ga ood state of mind.
    Mooshoo16 (1:42:51 AM): and not because i'm naklie
    Tijay2000 (1:43:02 AM): hahah
    Tijay2000 (1:43:02 AM): nice
    Tijay2000 (1:45:07 AM): they could tell
    Mooshoo16 (1:45:18 AM): FUKC THEM
    Mooshoo16 (1:45:28 AM): and fuck my keyboard for notstaying still
    Tijay2000 (1:45:43 AM): damn that keyboard!
    Tijay2000 (1:47:08 AM): there i posted to clear things up
    Mooshoo16 (1:47:21 AM): show em?
    Mooshoo16 (1:47:23 AM): me
    Mooshoo16 (1:47:25 AM): em
    Mooshoo16 (1:47:29 AM): no me
    Tijay2000 (1:47:50 AM):
    Mooshoo16 (1:48:55 AM): ass
    Mooshoo16 (1:49:04 AM): i thgouht you manet you'd speel check
    Tijay2000 (1:49:15 AM): you'll find it funnier in the morning
    Tijay2000 (1:50:19 AM): uh oh tayre's starting trouble
    Tijay2000 (1:50:24 AM): posting photoshopped images of grays
    Mooshoo16 (1:50:27 AM): fuck tayhre
    Mooshoo16 (1:50:47 AM): whos he in game?
    Mooshoo16 (1:50:51 AM): i'll kikln him
    Tijay2000 (1:51:04 AM): hes tayre you idiot
    Mooshoo16 (1:51:25 AM): i dno't know what to sya to that
    Mooshoo16 (1:51:28 AM): say to that
    Mooshoo16 (1:51:41 AM): don't post that or i'll tkll evryone about youj and kniquee
    Tijay2000 (1:51:42 AM): dont make me post that too
    Tijay2000 (1:53:37 AM): i should post that
    Tijay2000 (1:53:40 AM): cause it would be damn funny to me
    Mooshoo16 (1:53:46 AM): i hatr you
    Mooshoo16 (1:54:00 AM): heh, in do't really care im going ot sleep
    Mooshoo16 (1:54:12 AM): arftr i delete tayre's stupdi micture
    Tijay2000 (1:54:30 AM): good idea

    Mooshoo16 (3:51:41 AM): huh
    Tijay2000 (3:51:53 AM): was reading the darkasshole thread
    Mooshoo16 (3:51:54 AM): fdhao man
    Mooshoo16 (3:52:03 AM): psotgaming
    Mooshoo16 (3:52:08 AM): messd up
    Tijay2000 (3:52:12 AM): i couldnt tell
    Mooshoo16 (3:52:51 AM): i'm gasonna pesace outtie
    Mooshoo16 (3:52:53 AM): later

    This one was from near the beginning of the year, when my roommate (black athlete) borrowed my computer to ask one of our other roommates (coincidentally same guy as in first IM) a question about a Spanish lab.

    Mooshoo16 (8:39:11 PM): griff its the gunless non violent black kid next door how do you get on the hwk sight
    Auto response from Roommate 1 (8:39:11 PM): work, tryin to get food, work, work, early bedtime
    Mooshoo16 (8:39:46 PM): griff help a down and out minority its me martin your pal from span 102
    Roommate 1 (8:45:24 PM):
    Roommate 1 (8:46:51 PM): go to hell
    Mooshoo16 (8:47:44 PM): i have 2 bb's with your name on them you cant stay their all night bitch ill shoot you in the leg aight it wont hurt baby
    Roommate 1 (8:48:06 PM): i will sue ur ass in two secondsx
    Roommate 1 (8:48:08 PM): no joke
    Mooshoo16 (8:48:52 PM): i love shooting cute little white boys, sue me for wut im broke just for that im shooting you in the upper body and lower bodu hoe
    Roommate 1 (8:49:28 PM): dude, im callin 911
    Mooshoo16 (8:49:43 PM): im doin the lab now
    Roommate 1 (8:50:22 PM): in jail

    Buddy(1:51:59 AM): memorizing art sucks
    Buddy(1:52:11 AM): and i have like 100 more pieces to go
    Buddy(1:52:30 AM): i'm tempted just to write descriptions as titles on my exam
    Buddy(1:52:38 AM): "Sculpture of man with penis broken off"
    Buddy(1:52:41 AM): probably wouldn't fly

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    Next time you get trashed, IM me... I want in on the fun too.
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    you don't get to have fun

    sweetlittleagony: i love dick
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