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Thread: 10x altered blessable zested razern falchion!!

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    all this time i thought composer was ma'ing 4 different characters at once heh

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    Man if that's true I feel for you. I've been through the spiteful false allegation bullshit and Florida is a "hanging judge" state when it comes to DCF. They snatch kids and sell them like it's no tomorrow.

    Anyways... don't stop now guys.
    We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink and fight! Hey!

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    Thread of the year.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gan View Post
    And be advised that it took about a 15 second search function, 30 seconds to cut and paste onto a 3 second google image search of a random cheerleader and another 30 seconds to upload and image it from photobucket. I would say it was a humorously quite rewarding for the 78 seconds I spent creating it. You should post more pictures - they could be great sources of entertainment here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gan View Post
    Thats the great thing about math. You can come to any solution using many different methods.

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    And people wonder why I don't have AIM, discourage email contact and generally keep to myself.

    Bunch of fucking freaks is why.

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    Says the one called TheWitch on a txt based role playing bulletin board.
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    We'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink and fight! Hey!

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    WOW this thread delivers

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    Way to miss the point, Sean2.

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    Selected bits from a conversation I had with Aby a couple of days ago:

    AbyssoLuv (3:37:38 PM): one day last week he wanted me to give him money
    DrunkenDurfin (3:37:52 PM): okay
    AbyssoLuv (3:37:59 PM): I told him I would send him the 62$ I had in my paypal if I got the falchion
    AbyssoLuv (3:38:05 PM): he agreed
    AbyssoLuv (3:38:20 PM): said he would never ask for it back and it would be mine
    DrunkenDurfin (3:38:25 PM): okay
    AbyssoLuv (3:38:35 PM): I just logged in after registering it this morning
    DrunkenDurfin (3:38:37 PM): not bad for $62
    AbyssoLuv (3:38:38 PM): it's gone
    AbyssoLuv (3:38:48 PM): my pass is changed
    AbyssoLuv (3:39:06 PM): can i do anything?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:39:09 PM): not following you
    DrunkenDurfin (3:39:19 PM): you changed your password and after that it was gone?
    AbyssoLuv (3:39:24 PM): yes
    DrunkenDurfin (3:39:45 PM): so someone guessed your new password, logged on and took your falchion?
    AbyssoLuv (3:39:49 PM): he must have went thru gm's to get it back
    AbyssoLuv (3:39:53 PM): no
    AbyssoLuv (3:40:01 PM): how could they?
    AbyssoLuv (3:40:20 PM): I think he told them I stole it
    AbyssoLuv (3:40:24 PM): which I didn't
    AbyssoLuv (3:40:29 PM): we had an agreement
    DrunkenDurfin (3:40:53 PM): so, after you changed your password the falchion disappeared?
    AbyssoLuv (3:40:56 PM): yes
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:02 PM): it's gone
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:03 PM): now
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:10 PM): I registered it this morning
    DrunkenDurfin (3:41:24 PM): did you use the same password that you had used before?
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:27 PM): nope
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:32 PM): nothing even close
    DrunkenDurfin (3:41:39 PM): so, how do you know he took it?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:41:45 PM): can't you just log him on and check?
    AbyssoLuv (3:41:55 PM): he has his passwords changed


    AbyssoLuv (3:50:32 PM): can I do anything about this weapon?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:50:52 PM): if you changed your password and THEN it vanished, what can you prove?
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:04 PM): I am almost certain he repoted I stole it or something
    DrunkenDurfin (3:51:07 PM): I mean, do you think a GM took it off of you andgave it to him?
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:12 PM): yes
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:13 PM): I do
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:23 PM): where could it be?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:51:27 PM): that is just nuts
    DrunkenDurfin (3:51:33 PM): there is no way a GM would do that
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:41 PM): ok Imma do an assist
    DrunkenDurfin (3:51:49 PM): what are you gonna say?
    AbyssoLuv (3:51:58 PM): the weapo is missing
    AbyssoLuv (3:52:01 PM): wapon
    DrunkenDurfin (3:52:05 PM): "We were sharing passwords and then I changed mine and now it is gone"
    AbyssoLuv (3:52:06 PM): grrrrrrrr sorry
    AbyssoLuv (3:52:21 PM): why not tell the truth?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:52:32 PM): Simu does not help when you share passwords
    DrunkenDurfin (3:52:35 PM): that is policy
    DrunkenDurfin (3:52:48 PM): what you have got to prove is that someone hacked your password
    AbyssoLuv (3:53:01 PM): I asked someone this moenoig about it
    AbyssoLuv (3:53:04 PM): they are here now
    DrunkenDurfin (3:53:24 PM): well, here is a question for you
    DrunkenDurfin (3:53:32 PM): when you changed the passwords on your account
    DrunkenDurfin (3:53:42 PM): did you change the passwords on his accounts too? [note the long pause here]
    DrunkenDurfin (3:54:39 PM): Aby?
    AbyssoLuv (3:55:02 PM): yes on vird and edible
    AbyssoLuv (3:55:03 PM): sorry
    DrunkenDurfin (3:55:17 PM): so, you changed the passwords on his accounts
    AbyssoLuv (3:55:26 PM): cause I paid for them
    AbyssoLuv (3:55:30 PM): just the other day
    DrunkenDurfin (3:55:41 PM): uh huh
    AbyssoLuv (3:55:48 PM): via goa
    AbyssoLuv (3:56:41 PM): Valyrka whispers, "Has anyone else used your account."
    DrunkenDurfin (3:56:49 PM): I had a long talk with Richie this morning, about more than just the staff
    AbyssoLuv (3:56:50 PM): no one has
    DrunkenDurfin (3:57:08 PM): Now that I have heard both sides of the story, I have to decide who to believe
    AbyssoLuv (3:57:13 PM): thats ok
    AbyssoLuv (3:57:52 PM): did he tell you I called child services on his gf?
    DrunkenDurfin (3:57:57 PM): yup
    DrunkenDurfin (3:58:44 PM): now, ask yourself this
    DrunkenDurfin (3:59:10 PM): if you are going through an ugly divorce with a custody battle thrown in, do you think it is a good idea to go and do something like that?
    AbyssoLuv (3:59:40 PM): OMG he was shooting drugs around the likl girl
    DrunkenDurfin (3:59:43 PM): everything you have said about Richis is pure hearsay, you have no explicit proof
    AbyssoLuv (3:59:50 PM): ok
    DrunkenDurfin (3:59:55 PM): you are not even in the same state, let alone witness to any drug use
    AbyssoLuv (4:00:02 PM): I know
    DrunkenDurfin (4:00:20 PM): do you know that if it is proven that you did this with malicious intent that you could be charged?
    AbyssoLuv (4:00:25 PM): and ya know..........Im sorry I believed what his gf and he told me
    DrunkenDurfin (4:00:32 PM): no, I don't know you
    DrunkenDurfin (4:00:40 PM): I only know what I read on this screen
    DrunkenDurfin (4:01:20 PM): and, irreguardless of your intent, for someone in YOUR position to call child services on ANOTHER MOTHER when the problem has nothing to do with her is pretty shitty
    DrunkenDurfin (4:01:52 PM): quite honsetly I am shocked that you would do such a thing and it makes me wonder what motivated you to do it in the first place
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:00 PM): look
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:05 PM): no, I am done
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:06 PM): the likl girl is 3
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:09 PM): lil
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:16 PM): and you have what proof?
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:21 PM): of anything?
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:24 PM): I over reacted
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:27 PM): to what?
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:28 PM): just their word
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:31 PM): jealousy?
    AbyssoLuv (4:02:40 PM): she said he shot up drugs while he was with the lil girl
    DrunkenDurfin (4:02:59 PM): you went way beyond over reacting, you took a vengful stance and acted on it in the way that you thought it would do the most damage
    DrunkenDurfin (4:03:29 PM): and you have looped this "poor little 3 year old girl" into the fucked up relationship that you and Richie have been playing around in over the past few years
    DrunkenDurfin (4:03:52 PM): you should be ashamed of yourself on so many levels, ESPECIALLY given what you are going through with your husband and child
    DrunkenDurfin (4:04:26 PM): if she is saying these things, then SHE, THE CHILD'S MOTHER should be the one doing stuff about it. Not you
    AbyssoLuv (4:04:36 PM): yeah
    AbyssoLuv (4:04:49 PM): I searched my heart
    DrunkenDurfin (4:04:52 PM): bullshit
    AbyssoLuv (4:04:53 PM): thats all I can say
    DrunkenDurfin (4:05:05 PM): you searched for a phone number and the quickest way to do some damage
    AbyssoLuv (4:05:12 PM): nope
    DrunkenDurfin (4:06:00 PM): I am starting to wonder if your husband is spouting nothing but lies on those websites, or if there is a wee bit of truth among the words
    AbyssoLuv (4:06:21 PM): thats ok
    DrunkenDurfin (4:06:38 PM): I am done with both of you. I don't need this kind of drama.

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    Women are scary... very scary.

    Also, irregardless is not a word.

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    Bravo Durfin.

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