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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrossartley View Post
    Reputation is like Alaskan Dollars, its only good in Alaska. Do you want to trade your American Dollars for my Alaskan Dollars?

    LOL I live in Alaska,And the dollors are the same.We not Cannadians

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    To be honest, I've not met many folks that I wouldn't do business with again. Pretty positive for the most part. Probably why I enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anticor
    If you and Jar Jar Binks had a child it would rule the world.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley Burrell
    Wikka wikka my nikka yo yo yo yo: CHECK IT. Tha thang in the thang and bedump bedump da BEBANG knowwhatIsayin?!

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    I had a good experience buying a high end item from Radom, excellent merchant in my book.
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    Oh right, Sergey is good people. Even if he is, unfortunately, getting his internet from Comcast.
    I want a Game Genie code for "Only Get Uncut Emerald Bounties".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardwen View Post
    I am of the belief we need to move to a gold or platinum standard, silver is too bulky at this point.
    They do have "trade bars." I've found one in a box. A platinum tradebar and it was worth 20k. It's too bad more of these don't pop up in boxes instead of silvers at 160:1 lb.
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    Sergey is good to deal with, very reputable.

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    Default Who know's Vivina?

    Has anyone dealt with Vivina on these boards or has known her IG for a while? I have not had any dealings I can remember with her and was just wondering if anyone I knew, knows the word.


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    Kithor was greased lightning fast. Very easy to deal with.

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    Inspire is right, a lot of the people mentioned barely sell on the PC's or haven't in a long offense, but it kind of defeats the purpose to mention far as recent positive transactions off the top of my head, I'd say
    Rogane, Kithor, LordDanjir, Kizun, Inspire, Kithkanaan, Nuadjha, Fenrift, Barundar, Dungath/James127, Chivalrous, Kerl, Bluesmith, Xolean, Droit, crb, Shimeria, Nichelas, Durfin, theblueorange, and probably a bunch of others I'm forgetting

    Haven't had any negative transactions far, so good

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