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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmillz View Post
    Ah okay I guess. I thought I only threw 2 offers out there but I understand I suppose. I'll just keep grinding and disappear back into the shadows. With people like this, it's no surprise the community is slowing dying ��
    I don't know about the "slowly dying" part--think people just come on here to do transactions because of the toxicity of the politics folders. Best develop a tougher skin when dealing on here especially as a no/low baller.

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    A+ transaction with Quintle. First time I had done business with them. Silvers for bloodscrip transaction. Very communicative/responsive. Would do business with Quintle again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    Rep comments are under settings.

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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman. I'm diagnosed with cancer. I'm a human being.
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    So here's the deal- I am just horrible

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    Great transaction with wharfrat70. Thanks!


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    Thanks TheManyNamed - smooth as silk.

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    Quick and easy transactions with Fiddlesticks, CaptContagious and Balwrath. Thanks!

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    Easy transaction with Slark.
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    Good easy transaction with PC member Zippezap. A+
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    Quick and easy transaction with Altheren, as one would expect

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