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Thread: Merchant Feedback

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    Great experience with Nindon and his ensorcelling auction service - knocked out a T5 for me promptly with quick communication. Thanks again Nindon!

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    Quick and easy transaction with Hymore. Thanks so much!
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    Great communication and easy transaction with CWolff!

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    Smooth transactions with Sylvan Dreams
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    Prompt transaction with Ardwen. Always a pleasure to deal with. Very easy and smooth. Thank you!

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    Easy dealings with Roblar. Fast, efficient exchange. Great doing business with the player.

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    Same with Radeek!

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    I am sure this will be no surprise, but buying from ElvenLady/Rohese is always a pleasure, she updates her auctions without fail, she contacted me immediately after my bids finalized, and delivered the merchandise within minutes of us hooking up in the game. If anything, the goods were even more interesting than they looked in the auction, and I was so pleased I went back to bid on more things, lol!


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    malmuddy performed a major enchant for me. Great communication, everything worked out well

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    Askip was instrumental in enchanting my armor. A job well done + many thanks.
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