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Thread: Collector's Longsword

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    I guess I just find it a little contradictory of itself, as Ronan is all about the darkness and black. Yes, unicorns, but it would have done Ronan more justice to have it on a black sword rather than a LIGHT blue one.

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    Light blue is the new black.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martaigne View Post
    Light blue is the new black.

    Periwinkle blue.

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    I have to throw this in

    ps - that site roxs

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    LOL periwinkle.

    Thats fucked up.

    Ronan's colors are black and silver.

    Tayre must have made that sword (or Latrin).
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    Maybe it was a gift from Ronan to Cholen.

    OMG it's so beautiful and it matches my shoes!
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    I heard they made it specifically for Gan's Ronan following cleric. Its supportive of Ronan with a slight personal touch...

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    Just the blade is light blue, with a sheen..makes me think of something almost icy blue/silverish.

    I think I understand what they were trying to accomplish with the blade, that and the crossguard is onyx.

    And the mares, shadow mares anyone?

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    Yeah, it's a LIGHT blade for the arkati of DARKNESS.

    Heh, read that last line and in my head I heard "A horse is a horse, of course of course."

    I need a vacation. This does not seem like a 4-day work week at all.

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