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Thread: Forest green brig

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    Default Forest green brig

    Some midnight black armor accented with faint traces of silver

    +17 and heavily crit padded

    CB 8.5m to Talesavo twice
    BO 11m

    Bid here or PM me
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    it just started hows it already at thrice and last call? you cross posting from officials?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AestheticDeath View Post
    you cross posting from officials?
    Crossposted from a few days ago
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    ~Kontii Slie'phox

    PM me here, or find me in game or the GSIV Discord as Kontii

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    I'll bid 8.5 on those


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    so sad
    ~Kontii Slie'phox

    PM me here, or find me in game or the GSIV Discord as Kontii

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