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Thread: Lady Khit's continued Auction.

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    You didn't. You put the supple fighting leathers 20k to Shifted instead of me. Shifted was the person who already had them at the 10k bid.

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    Actually, you put all my bids in Shifted's name.


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    Please place the following bids as well:

    Ice-blue vultite battle axe with an icicle-shaped haft
    4x THW with cold flares
    MB: 1kCB 20k to Halfing going twice
    BO: 75k
    I BID: 25k

    Fiery crimson falchion with a large round ruby pommel
    4x OHE with fire flares
    MB: 10kCB 20k to Halfling going once
    BO: 75k
    I BID: 25k


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    Please AIM me at Ladykhitty for pickup.


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    Default bid

    Fiery crimson falchion with a large round ruby pommel
    4x OHE with fire flares cb 25k

    place a bid of 30k please

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