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Thread: 7x acid flarig falchion

  1. Default 7x acid flarig falchion

    Selling a balanced emerald-inlaid falchion. It is +35, has acid flares and weighs 10.

    Careful examination indicates the emerald-inlaid falchion has a base strength of 99 and a base durability of 225. You also determine the current integrity of the emerald-inlaid falchion to be at 100.0%

    Show: This well-balanced falchion was specifically forged for the discerning ambusher, designed to maximize use of its considerable weight while maintaining ease of maneuverability. The smooth sheen of the blade is etched with detailed vines and leaves that twine across its surface suggesting a life of their own. The hilt, forged as a single unit with the falchion's mighty blade, is inlaid with princess-cut deep green emeralds radiating out from a single flawless mermaid's-tear sapphire. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

    MB: 7mil
    BO: 9mil

    Send a PM or post if you care to bid. Will go once twice sold.

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    No interest at all in this weapon?

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