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Thread: The future of gemstone?

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    Default The future of gemstone?

    I really wanna know what everyone thinks about where GS is heading in the future...will simu just let it run and run devoting time and money to a game with a playerbase smaller than most free mmorpg's. We used to have thousands online, we lost so many at the gs4 inflation on everything in game because there arent enough people to produce enough of the nice items which are essential to characters in upper levels and when we get there everything is so fuckin crazy everyone is buying silvers online...i mean gimme a break, has it come to that? people are too lazy to hunt and search for themselves? If you can't devote much time then you wont be as rich or as high lvl tuff shit, but buying characters on ebay and silvers with simu's new advances with gui's HJ is going to go live and gemstone is going to be a thing of the past...why do they even still have cyberstrike and MO or herc i mean, are there enough people to devote attention to... I played DR during gs3 and it was ok, but I've heard they have mounts and a more modern experience system... I guess I'm worried gemstone has gone downhill so much that my fixation of addiction will be gone...*crys*
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    Man your post is so full of...well bullshit, that I'll take it one point at a time:

    "We used to have thousands online, we lost so many at the gs4 switch"

    Lol, we didn't lose loads at the GS4 switch. It's been a slow dwindling. For many years.

    "now inflation on everything in game because there arent enough people to produce enough of the nice items which are essential to characters in upper levels"

    There has always been inflation. There has always been overpriced items. Just because Sorrow was 75 million 5 years ago, does not mean that it was more easily attainable. At one point in GS's history 5 million was a LOT. A mil would sell for upwards of one hundred dollars. Silver are easier to come across now; hence the rise in costs.

    And Wtf are you talking about high end items being created? People have never been able to create high end items save 10x stuff, which went away way before GS4. And god, no, they are not essential in the higher end. In fact the game is balanced for low end gear, so much so it encourages you not to use nice stuff.

    Character sales/silver sales. Been happening forever.

    Now. I do agree GS is dying a slow death. I see a lot of people who I started with are now selling up. Just look at the market place here. People are going, and I'm talking about the hardcore RP fans, the merchant whores and the power-levellers.

    What will Simu do? Probably nothing they can do.
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    Gemstone will stay active so long as their are a couple thousand folks that remain subscribed.

    As sad as it sounds, quitting was not an easy decision. I literally spent thousands of hours playing the game. In that time, I cultivated some real friendships, made a few bucks, and kept myself entertained/out of trouble.

    I imagine there are a lot of people that fit one or all of those profiles. In the end, no one thing will kill Gemstone; it's the culmination of a bunch of things that have slowly but inexorably driven membership down over the past decade.

    Normal week night population is probably what, around 400-500 now? You're looking at perhaps 7% annualized degradation. It's still profitable.

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    I'm having fun scooping up uber-quitters and preserving them. If/when folks wanna come back, I'mma let them.

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    Not another 'demise of Gemstone' thread.


    1 star.
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    What happened to that Dragon-guy that was going to buy Gemstone? HE CAN SAVE US!


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    The last two posts in this thread cracked me up.
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    GS isn't in much danger; it's a cash cow at this point for simu. big and loyal subscriber base, constantly shrinking overhead costs given the nature of the game, and it can be run by a mostly unpaid volunteer staff. they basically just need a small billing/cs/server staff to keep it going for a long, long time.

    only real danger is if they overcapitalize for the HJ project and go bellyup. even then, they'd probably just sell off GS/DR and they'd keep going.

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    This one is easy to forsee... (dates are all strictly in the mind of the poster)

    Numbers will still continue to slowly decline (maybe 10-30 a month). Until...

    Feburary 2008 - Hero's Journey goes into beta. Some beta users play GS on their off times or when they bring the HJ servers down. Numbers start going up as people get Simu subscriptions anxious to preview HJ and review Gemstone while they're waiting. Slowly new people come into GS, mainly curious about a taste at HJ.

    August 2008 - Hero's Journey will come out of beta, and the servers come online.
    - A gigantic flood of new blood comes into Simu. GS players flock to this new game, numbers go down to 200ish pre-HJ players per night. HJ players get curious about Gemstone and a few use their free month.

    October 2008 - Noobs flock into GS, outnumbering older players 3 to 1 - numbers rebound in the first month to 5-600 a night. (200 of which are older players).
    - People use their free month to explore and cause general havok.

    Janurary 2009 - Simu institutes three things this month:
    A) New Gemstone servers - seperate from the main server, each server has a max of 2000 people on it at once, and you can choose when you log in which one to select. You don't have to create a new character on the new server (at first).
    B) Simu-Pass - similar to Sony's EQ/EQ2/Lineage etc pass, you pay an extra 10 dollars a month to play all games of Simu's at any time, you just can't have two characters on two games running at once.
    C) one or two Gemstone: The Fallen servers - With the insurgence of new players, any player not wishing to participate in RP aspect of Gemstone, can play on these servers, but characters cannot intermix - you must start a new character.

    March 2009 - Gemstone finds a huge new playerbase. Thousands per night play it, along with their new favorate MMO Hero's Journey. The additonal servers cause some problems, but generally are accepted (nobody wants 8000 people in Gemstone no matter how many a server can technically serve - the world just isn't big enough to absorb it).
    People from GS play HJ sometimes and GS other times. New HJ blood, be they old GS players, or new people, do the same. Asshattery flourishes, and many noobs are slaughtered each night by angered older characters.

    But that's only if Simu gets their act together. If they don't Gemstone just swells to 6k players per night. Older players leave as the server gets more and more bloated with noobs. Everything lags to hell and people just start playing HJ, turned off from Gemstone and it's asshattery. They use HJ as their new RP tool. Gemstone falls by the wayside, and into disrepair. More and more GMs are pulled from it to be put on HJ. Eventually in 2012, all the mud servers are disconnected and Simu is HJ onry.
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    I'd be okay with most of that.

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