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Thread: A thread for people who finished a Post-Cap goal Today

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    >mana spellup
    With your advanced understanding of spiritual and mental mana, you transcend the normal limitations of magic and release upon yourself a flurry of abjurations...
    A light blue glow surrounds you.
    You suddenly feel more powerful.
    There is a dim flash around you.
    You feel a strengthening of your internal fortitude.
    There is a dim flash around you.
    You feel a strengthening of your blood flow.
    A deep blue glow surrounds you.
    A misty halo surrounds you.
    A dull golden nimbus surrounds you.
    You suddenly feel a lot more powerful.
    You are surrounded by a white light.
    You feel your skin grow tight all across your body and your complexion takes on a rippled quality.
    Opening your mind's eye to the progression of time, a myriad of possible future events fills your consciousness.
    You feel your forehead pulse as your mind hardens to deter invading thoughts.
    Your hands grow hard and scaly.
    The bones surrounding your forearms shift and fortify.
    A momentary eruption of a mercurial puff of smoke engulfs you, blinding you momentarily.  As your vision returns, double images of the world sway dizzyingly around you before regaining solidity.
    A flood of visions fills your mind and you strain to pick out your place amongst the countless blurred images and muted sound.
    Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
    If you just get like 20m exp on a monk, it's almost as if you're a 5m exp semi (that you should have been anyway)
    Mithrilschlong, 2015-03-10 to slightly later on 2015-03-10. You will not be forgotten!

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    Done and done. Next is 36 Necro lore for the rotstaff to hit the first increased flare rate breakpoint.

    Spell Lists
    Major Spiritual....................| 67

    Spell Lists
    Minor Spiritual....................| 70

    Spell Lists
    Empath.............................| 166

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