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Thread: A thread for people who finished a Post-Cap goal Today

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    Your job is not over.... now you must constantly talk about how great alchemy is and recruit new naīve wizards into the fold so they may feel our pain.

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    I feel the pain.... You currently have 70 ranks out of a possible 372 for your training. And no, I have not decided to go back to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavastene View Post
    I feel the pain.... You currently have 70 ranks out of a possible 372 for your training. And no, I have not decided to go back to it.
    The worst was getting through potions and general. So many fire essences needed for sucked.

    I was constantly running between all the alchemy stores on both sides of the mountains, buying up an water and fire essences. I was constantly getting "banned" from the alchemy rooms where you can buy ingredients off the tables because I was "spending too much time" in them. I fucking hate that time limit built into those rooms. You can easily hit the time limit by hitting up the alchemy stores in Solhaven, the spot between the Landing and Solhaven, Landing and IMT. Then you're stuck for 10 minutes or so before you can go in those rooms again.....

    So, during that time, I'd run to the EN and hit up Val and Ill, then run back and check out the alchemy shops again. Then I'd go out and forage for shit and hunt for skins needed.....then repeat the alchemy store runs.

    This was all before the reduced points needed to advance through ranks. You would easily go through 6-8 tasks for each ranks and I slowly made my way through general and potions in alchemy. I figured it wouldn't take long doing trinkets with how they reduced points for guild work recently. With the reduced points needed and just using my guild boosts I was doing 2, sometimes 3 tasks per rank. I went through all 63 ranks in about 12 hours using the ;alchemy script. The only part that really slowed me down was around rank 53, when I needed to start gathering some skins for some items.

    Just be sure to also stock up on ayanad, s'ayanda, t'ayanda and n'ayanda crystals. You'll mostly use the ayanad and s'ayanad. Also, fire and water essences, more fire than water. With needing less points to progress through ranks it shouldn't be as bad as it was a 2-3 years ago when I went through general and potions for alchemy.

    It is a pain in the ass at times, but ;alchemy script takes most of the tediousness out of the process, plus with reduced point costs to get through a rank really makes it so much easier now.

    The main reason I wanted to do trinkets now is that I've got a character I'm building that's going the pure route and he needs wands. I thought it would be nice to make wands for him since I'm too lazy to charge wands or imbed, if I can get my hands on blanks.
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    Total Exp: 80,003,225
    Now the long grind begins to catch up to the other 3-4 people.

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    Finally became a wizard guild master. Next major goal outside of skills is 3x cap. Just 3m left……..
    Elementary my dear Watson!

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    You made 10m exp in 9 months? I didn't even know that was possible while having a job. Or even a partner. Or kids.
    If you tell me you have all three I'll need to sit down.

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