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Thread: Journal of a Priestess.

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    Wind. I mean yeah heart is the correct answer but breaking wind is funnier.
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    That is some weird shit.

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    Wind is funnier, and heart does fit. But the answer I was looking for was. . . A promise.

    The dungeon Master shall bring forth your greatest fears, your demons will awaken. Look within your pain, seek peace.

    - unknown

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    Where is the spell to slow time? Why can't I leave it alone.
    I hate them, they make me twitch.
    A stranger speaks to me though. Tells me to work through it. . . Spent days now in the libraries reading. His words circling in my head

    Time to drag out my journal and at least make notes. . . notes. Yes, need to make notes. My memory is getting shorter and worse. Details seem to have become important to remember as time speeds by. I am so tired. . . must
    scribble some note to help myself, yes that is it. Scribbles to help me focus.

    Upon advise, upon hearing similarities and my own history coming back to ask why. Notes. I have been locked in the libraries for days now.


    The four Arkati

    Luukos, Eater of Souls
    God of Death, Lies and Undead

    Served as one of his Priestess once in Sol Haven long ago. Helped protect his temple before and the trinket I received and still have -

    A labyrinthine ophidian copper crown
    Laced into the shape of a crown, several copper serpents are woven together into a labyrinthine pattern that makes it impossible to tell where one ophidian body starts and the other ends. Emerald shards caged in matching metals dangle against the bodies in a spray that is designed to fall across the wearer's forehead and spill within their hair. Sanguine eyes and ivory fangs give a distinctly sinister cast to each creature's head, while a blurred phrase is written in tiny lettering along the upper edge.
    In the Common language, it reads:
    From one serpent to the other, and from their hiss to Luukos.

    V'Tull, the Berserker
    God of Combat and Bloodlust

    My wings are slick to the touch and extremely long, with arched tips that end in sinuous claws which can be made to grasp in the middle, bringing the wings closed. Along the ridges are small runes, which look to be painfully cut deep into the wings that lead to the apex, where a symbol of a silver-bladed scimitar on a field of crimson has been deeply burned.

    Mularos,the Suffering
    God of Suffering and Torture

    I am unsure . . .Could it be?

    Inked in intricate, deep green hues upon the olive-toned skin of my thigh is a series of thickly entangled vines. Barely hidden behind the shelter of shapely leaves are tiny blackened thorns that are painted upon the flesh as if they pierce it. Trailing from each barb is a series of thin sanguine drops, their hue a near match for the bounty of velvety roses that cling to the vine in various stages of bloom.


    Sheru, God of Night,
    Nightmares, Insanity, and Terror

    A recent event that . . . is marked in previous pages.

    a black rapture cloak that I am wearing. (or is wearing me)
    The rapture cloak is not just black, it appears to absorb all light that comes near it leaving it nondescript and indiscernible.
    Spread throughout the world as ancient artifacts of Sheruvian origin.

    Another Note:

    Eorgina Lost/Hidden temple found, I was pulled away on the third day, the day the portal open to reveal it. It was of my own doing that cound not be helped. But what bothers me more so is the fact that everyone received summons to this, however, I had to learn through my dark knight sending a message to me. I have heard the excuses that I sleep through the signs, but that is becoming to covenant of an answer and deterrent. It seems always to be what I am told when I ask why did I not see them. What can be the reason to have me kept at such arms length?

    Another note:
    Nershuul has been seen in Teras.

    To tired to continue. End of notes here. More as I read. . . just so tired, I can no longer think straight.
    Have I been marked all this time?

    __________________________________________________ _____

    Riddle me this:

    I am neither here or there, Sometimes made of earth and air. Everyone in the world has me, But many still have to search to find me

    The dungeon Master shall bring forth your greatest fears, your demons will awaken. Look within your pain, seek peace.

    - unknown

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